Okay, so let’s do random today, okay?

*  This is going on tonight: Interview with Amy Lane — 4 P.M. Thursday, Pacific Standard Time, which means if you have Google Chat you can tune in and say hi.  If you don’t, it’ll be uploaded to and that’ll be, uhm, posterical.  (It so TOO should be a word.)  I promised Lynsie I’d put on make-up and do my hair and everything.  I think there was a trip to the fountain of youth involved their too, and the swapping of my countenance for that of a supermodel and probably wearing a T-shirt instead of a tank top so the Chiwhowhat can sleep in my shirt and the world won’t see my ta-tas.  You know– being all civilized and shit.  So, come say hi!  They’ll post the link about 15 minutes before the interview so you can get queued up and we can all face time 🙂

*  It occurred to me that in a couple of years I’m going to have two teenagers again–oh joy.  I seem to remember that a lot of that time was spent playing WHAT-THE-HELL-IS-THAT-SMELL!

*  Since I tend to use hyperbolic terms of measurement anyway– fuckton, shitload, trucking fuckload– I’m going to add a new term.  This one’s mine, consider this blog a copyright– It’s the PSB, or the Porn Star’s Buttload.  It should be used to measure levels of heinousness, such as “That edit was six PSB’s of fucked up!”  Or “My car’s in the shop– that’s at least two PSB’s of suck!”

*  Someone on Twitter told me I won Twitter for most random out of context Tweet ever.  I wanted to tell her how “LICK MY BALLS AND SERVE ME CHICKEN” had a perfectly reasonable explanation, but, uhm, it wouldn’t fit into 140 characters.

*  Pandora is going to break my bank account.  I’ll be cruising along, la-la-la-la and suddenly it’s I LOVE THIS SONG.  I MUST HEAR IT AGAIN!  But Pandora doesn’t HAVE repeat, so you know what that means?  Yeah.  It means I-Tunes is making a PSB of money off of me, THAT’S what it means!

*  I brought Squish into the bookstore and the owner said, “Oh my God!  She’s your Mini-Me!”  Of course, people say that about Chicken.  I guess together, we’re Amy nesting dolls.

*  My house is a mess and I’m getting MOAR SWAG.  *headdesk*  When did hiring a personal assistant/maid become a need and not a want?

*  My Advent Calendar story for DSP was not actually accepted for the Advent Calendar.  It was, instead, scheduled to be released on Christmas Day, which is sort of cool, because really, it was a better “Let’s see what the new year holds,” sort of story.  I’m still struggling with the title– right now it’s Prince in the Tower, but it might be Going Up.  If you’ve got a preference, by all means let me know.

*  Mary Calmes and I share a release date on Christmas.  We’re goofily happy about this 🙂

*  Big T shaved his mustache and not his beard.  Doesn’t make him look any less like an amish lumberjack.  Sayin’. 

*  Chicken is reaping the unfortunate rewards of being my daughter.  She texted me yesterday half-hysterical, mostly pissed, because she had the Chris the Dell repair guy over to fix her computer, and he got an eyeful of Kal-el going down on Robin (because that’s her fanfiction wheelhouse, and shit, who am I to judge!)  She could have lived with that, but the computer guy left and her computer crashed less than an hour later.  She pitched a fit, scared the hell out of her roommates (because she’s the even- keeled one who never loses it) and stormed out of the apartment.

My return text was an attempt to be mild.  “Uhm, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that picture.”

“Well now CHRIS has!”

Poor baby– we’ve all had days like that.  But I couldn’t help it– was chuckling all day.

*  And finally… ooooh… I’m so excited.  Can you see them?  Can you SEE THEM?  They’re the new book covers.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  And  friends are saying, “My teenager would love these books!” and since that was their intended audience, I’m…DUDES!!!  And look at the two kids on the horse in the back.  See the kid in front?  See him?  Does he look familiar?  HE’S ZOOMBOY!!!!!!!  I sent the artist a picture of him now, the artist painted him to look like Zoomboy at fifteen, since that’s his character.  I swear, if I hadn’t decided to make the snowcat the focal point of the covers, I would have done that with all the kids.  But seriously– I’m so excited.  I don’t know if I’ll ever write another epic fantasy series like this.  But I love these books so much, and Nathie, the artist, really did me proud.

Yay.  Just yay.  I’m so excited.  Now I need to get to work and edit!

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  1. Shae Connor says:

    The funny part about the Twitter award actually is that I'd seen the context for "LICK MY BALLS AND SERVE ME CHICKEN" and STILL thought it made the best out of context tweet ever. 😀

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