Wolves and Waves: A Guest Post from LE Franks

Okay– I’m biased.  LE Franks came and knit with me– in fact, she was the first person to try on Chicken’s sweater.

Anyway, she claims I helped inspire some of her madness, and I’m sound with that.  I mean, to be told that you helped someone write a book?  That’s sort of amazing.  

So I offered to let L.E. post on my blog to celebrate that tremendous thing she did, cause how could you not?  Anyway, this is LE Franks, my dry-witted, funny, knitting friend who lives in my backyard and came to visit me at my mother ship.  I adore her.  Enjoy her post– and hopefully her book.  
Wolves and Waves: Prodigal Wolf by LE Franks & Sara York

Wow. Looking at what I just wrote at the top of this page
and I’m a little bit sheepish. Not false modesty, but vast humility because if
it wasn’t for Amy Lane, Sara York, and Sue Brown, along with the encouragement
of the fabulous members of the yahoo M/Marvelous group—if it wasn’t for all of
them my faux-name wouldn’t be up there and this book that sprang from a
creative synergy with Sara York, wouldn’t exist. I particularly want to thank
Amy for welcoming me to post here. She’s been inspiration, technical assistant,
and cheerleader. Knit on Amy!

Funnily enough, Wolves & Waves: Prodigal Wolf wasn’t the story Sara and I
were going to write. We had (have?) plans for an angsty romance set in San
Francisco (my back yard). We spent time outlining the plot–found photos of our
locations, created backstories… all the fun work of writing.  But before we started our ‘real work’
we decided to cut our teeth on a 10K word short set in South Carolina (her
backyard). It would be a little formula piece in the shifter genre picked out
of a hat. I think I told Sara a brief story from high school about when five of
us got into trouble for breaking a shower in a motel in Fresno on a school field
trip. Unlike real life, we started riffing on five guys in a shower, what they
were doing and how they got there. The scene becomes a pivotal moment for our
human twinks in the book, and I still have the Peet’s cup that I diagramed the
action on.


Suddenly we had five characters to weave into a coherent
story – six including our alpha. Our 10K word quickie became 62K, with a
planned, three book initial story arc about a wolf shifter destined to lead
—one who hasn’t come to terms with his place in the world and the losses he’s
suffered in his past. We weren’t in a hurry to push Carlo along too fast. He’s
still in pain. He’s angry, and he’s conflicted, and he’s resisting efforts from
all sides to reintegrate into the pack. 
And that’s so much fun to write. 
Hope you like this.  –LE

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  1. saharaoz says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVED IT. And the eternal reader question – when can I get more LOL. Thanks so much for a great read Colette xoxo

  2. saharaoz says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVED IT – and the eternal reader question… when can I get more LOL Fabulous and THANKYOU Colette xoxo

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