And another dollop of random!

 Okay– let’s start with the obvious.

Reese Dante– she’s the artist.  And she’s obviously talented, and she obviously gets my guys.  And these are my guys, and they’re gorgeous.

Ethan in Gold will be out in October, in time for GRL, and of course there will be buy links etc. posted here, and on Twitter, and on FB and on my blog and even in outer space.  Because I’m proud of these books.  And because they’re beautiful.

And yes– I will be talking about Ethan later.  For one thing, like Chase in Shadow, this could be a trigger book for a lot of people.  It’s not quite the same level of angst (although Ethan will break your heart, repeatedly, and so will Jonah) but it does have some particularly unpleasant back story, so, uhm, well, we’ll chat.  In the meantime, appreciate the pretty, and give thanks to talented artists who make it so.

 And speaking of pretty…

Some un-discussable events have been rather stressing me out lately.  The result was a yarn buy.  The four skeins perched on top of the general gorgeous are my newest acquisitions, and I’m tucking them inside my box and stroking them with covetous fingers and dreaming of the day we shall consummate the love that was meant to be.

 And speaking of obsession…

Let’s talk about the dog’s obsession with my boobs.  Last night, during The Lincoln Lawyer, said Chiwhowhat perched himself on top of my chest and proceeded to look at me so piteously, he practically wrote “dumped girlfriend monologue.”

“Okay, I’m not saying it’s not going to be hard… I mean, you’ve changed into a tank top, and obviously I’m not as good a fit as I used to be, but still… could we?  Couldn’t we just try?  I was a fixture in your shirt, I mean life.  We had a connection.  You’d write, I’d breathe, that was real.  *sob*  You can’t tell me that wasn’t real.  I mean, there was all this chasing cats bullshit, but *sob*  What we had was real.  Just don’t give it all up, that’s what I’m saying.  Just… just… just think of me, when your feeling cold at night.  Just… you know I’d be there for you.  Haven’t I always been there for you???  Just… you know… just… call me?”
And on the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s Steve.

She’s making herself comfortable anywhere.

You may notice the trimmer, the laminator, Mate’s orderly little world whereby he converts our kitchen table to a registrar’s work station?  He had to laminate 400 player cards this weekend, punch holes, trim, put them on rings, and alphabetize for the soccer club.

I’m starting to think only suckers want his job.

And to finish here?

Well, you all know how I keep my iPod on random, right?

So, Squish has been entranced by the Chicago sound track.  Her particular favorites are (disturbingly enough) “Cell Block Tango” and “Roxie”.  (For a real chill, imagine her high, girlish voice saying, “He ran into my knife.  He ran into my knife ten times.“)

Anyway, so I was researching Dance Moves to find local theater scene, and realized, Holy Crap and pass the tax refund, Chicago was playing at Music Circus.  RIGHT NOW!

So I bought tickets.  One of those spur of the moment things, you know?  So, Big T saw me, asked what’s up… you know, some guys just can’t hold their jealousy.

We had it coming… we had it coming… we only had ourselves to blame.  If you’da been there… if you’d a seen it… I betcha you would have done the same!

(For anybody who knows they show, they’ll be able to hear the rhythm of those last few lines and realize I lapsed into the cadence of “Cell Block Tango”– see!  That’s how many times I’ve heard that piece!)

Anyway,  we’re going today, and a part of me is thinking, “I am the worst parent in the world.  Squish is seven!”  But the other part of me watched Squish watch the movie (she was looking at it on my Kindle) and the part where the innocent woman was hanged came on.  Squish looked up at me with horrified eyes.  “But mom!  This is terrible!  They’re hanging her just because she doesn’t speak English!  She’s the only one who was innocent!”  And I thought, “Okay.  Squish gets it.  She totally does.”  So we’re going to see Chicago, and we’re going to enjoy the hell out of it.

— And brother, do we have it coming!

0 thoughts on “And another dollop of random!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You know what, Amy? You get your kids. 🙂 You're a super mom! Just sayin'.

  2. Galad says:

    Squish will do fine – she does get it 🙂 Have a wonderful time.

  3. Donna Lee says:

    Our favorite lines, too. "He ran into my knife TEN times". I use it when folks are getting in the way in my kitchen.

    And I do believe there are Seven Year olds and seven year olds. And the two are worlds apart.

  4. Liam Grey says:

    That yarn does look luscious.

    And Chicago is a great musical. I need to make an effort to get out and see more live theater.

  5. Loved Chicago! And so looking forward to Ethan in Gold – which means I get to read two of my favorites again before October. I love these guys and all the angst that came with them. I think because of the particular heaviness of their issues and how you wove it through Chase and Dex, they seemed that much more real and I was hooked. (I know, really lame yarn references) Thanks for writing another.

  6. brightoak says:

    On an unrelated note, Saw this and thought you might squee.

  7. DecRainK says:

    "He ran into my knife ten times" is my favorite line.

    Squish is the awesome-est little nugget. I am still convinced that she will one day be our evil overlord.

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