Okay– so busy.

Friday: Trip to the Crocker Art Museum as a chaperone–and hey, don’t think I didn’t almost get drafted as an Art Docent for the Crocker, because I shit you not, our actual docent offered Squish a job in jest, and then turned around and asked me why I hadn’t volunteered yet because I really should. The kids were like, “She’s OUR Art Docent at school!” and the volunteer said, “Well, she should be one here!”

Highly Satisfying.

We wrapped up the day going to Chili’s, as we do a lot. Fun fact– mentioned this on Twitter and had a few Tweet discussion with the corporate Chili Avatar– told them good job, we go all the time, and to say nice things to our home store. And no– I don’t think we’ll get a free ap from that. But I should!

Saturday: Squish had soccer– my parents came to watch. Squish won. WOOT! Honestly, I was sort of sick on Saturday and mostly recovering today, so making it through soccer was pretty much my big accomplishment.  Anyway. Saturday evening Mate took the kids to a professional indoor game. Lucky them. I got to stay home. Lucky me.

Sunday: ZB had soccer. They didn’t bring it. The it that they needed to win was not brought. It should be brought. It is not something the mom’s can bring. It is in fact a strictly PLAYER thing to bring. Next season, it, whatever it is, needs to be brought. Mate would like it very much if they brought it. All I’m saying.

Afterwards we went to the King’s Season Holder Member Party. Fun, games, really tall guys and photo ops. And seriously– the world’s worst pretzels.

Fun story– Mate decided he was going to take the kids somewhere and leave me with the remains of the free pretzels, juice bars, and potato chips that were provided as part of the “Party”.  The pretzel was not… yummy. I did not finish it. The kids left and I decided to eat a juice bar. It also was not yummy. In fact, it was less than yummy. I texted Mate: If I told you that the juice bars were worse than the pretzels would you let me ditch the food and come with you?  He came down with the kids then, to prove to me that the juice bars were worth my self sacrifice. He took one bite and said, “You know, I was going to say it doesn’t taste that bad, but now I’m feeling sort of sick.”

Which was great. We could throw them away in good conscience and get on with our thing.

Also fun story.

We were walking up the parking lot and someone said, “Amy?”

An old teacher friend was there with her family– we spent ten minutes talking in amped 78 rpm on a 38 rpm turntable speed, and then she had to go run back to her car. It was GREAT talking to her– even for a little bit. The last thing she said as we split up was, (and she was hollering across the parking lot) “Amy! I read Candy Man! I loved it!”

I need to remember I had some really good friends teaching– it was lovely to see her.

And that being said, I have some items on the agenda:

*  Kermit Flail Monday– may or may not happen on March 7th. It may be postponed to the 14th, because I will be out of town. Either way please send me stuff for Kermit Flail over this next week. I need to know what I’ll have!

*  I’ll be at the DSP conference this next weekend–ficlet Friday may not happen either.  Forgive me.

* I’ll be at the DsP conference in Orlando this weekend. I shall have no transportation, but I can always wave at you fiercely from the Gaylord Palms Hotel.

*  Phonebook the free story available at DSP is also available at amazon.com for a dollar on March 9th.  The sister story, Shirt, will be available in May.

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