A Thing

So I am knitting–like I do.

I am mak

ing a thing. It’s one of my favorite things to make, and I use variations on the theme almost every time I make it.

It’s a pair of fingerless gloves.

It was originally a sock–but I screwed up.  I mean, socks– I’ve made a zillion of them. Over a hundred pairs if you count baby socks, I’m pretty sure.  And I screwed up on  a sock. *headdesk*  So I turned it into a thing.

Now here’s the, uh, thing, about this thing.

I originally planned to give this thing away.

I have so many people who ask me for things, and so many of them live far away, where there is actually snow. I should really give them away.

*strokes absently* Yes, precious… I should really give them away… I wants them, precious–I don’t care if I’ve lost one or both of every pair I’ve made for myself until this moment! It doesn’t matter! They are perfect and I love them and they will be mine!

Yessssssss, precious. Miiiiiiinnnnnnne…

And in actual news– no dance tonight. Zoomboy went to a basketball with Mate, and I’ve been engaged in texting discussions with my extended family that are beyond depressing. Writing and knitting make up my happy, and, alas, they don’t make for riveting conversation. I have taken on a quest for Chicken though. She wants a Star Trek/X-Files/ Star Wars bag– not all in the same, but, I think, something awesome from at least one of them.  To that end, if anyone knows of any good sites where I can find a chart (particularly for the X-Files, I think) I would love to try a felting project of this sort. A bold, unmistakable logo and some dish detergent, and I’m ready to go!

But first?

I need to finish the story I’m working for.

And of course, the thing….

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  1. Teddies says:

    I so wish I could needle knit. I Crochet and loom knit but my fingers just don't work. I figure my left handed body with my right handed brain is the issue.
    Over the last week I have been crocheting trying to get through the side effects of my hopefully last rituxan treatment. It has been 2 long years of treatments to keep the lymphoma gone. I know all this doesn't mean much but I need to tell you how I have kept my brain from going to places I didn't want it to go for 2 years.
    I love to listen to audio books while crochet or loom. I have listened to the Promise Rock books over and over and over. They kept me sane while I worked. I didn't let the what ifs get out of control when I had a book going. I just finished listening to Forever Promised minutes ago as I tied off and wove in some loose ends. I sat and sigh with tears in my eyes. Damn I love this series. I think I fell in love with Deacon and Crick about the time they used lip gloss as lube and never looked back. Thanks for giving them a baby. If there was one wish I had would be you writing one last book as them as daddies.
    Anyway this is getting long, just thank you for your books. You really never know how much they mean to someone.

  2. Amy Lane says:

    Thank you–thank you so much. I started out crocheting–it's a perfectly ordinary craft, and I so get the left hand and the right brain- I have a similar thing. Have you looked at the fanfic label in the blog? I just wrote a short piece showing us a little of their life as daddies–I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Teddies says:

    No I haven't looked heading there now to see and you are welcome. New project getting ready to start and I think Candy Man series is just about long enough to do what I have to do.
    Gentle Hugs

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