Buttons and the Pit

It was a lovely morning, so I took the kids and the dogs for a walk today. (I got tired of them becoming solids and playing video games… I remember that being a life goal, but my parents thwarted me too.)

They enjoyed the walk, and I enjoyed them, and after we dropped the dogs off we went to Babetta’s and bought buttons.

I offered Chicken a choice of three and she picked the witchy ones–the ones with the pentagram, and those were my favorites anyway.

Now, I’m looking at this sweater and trying to decide what I’ve done wrong, and I think it comes down to the pit.  Once again I didn’t trust I’d have enough room when the truth was I had plenty. I need to pit earlier, and I need to not make up so much room under the arm, because I think that’s where the bunching comes from.

And, yes, I own a pattern book to tell me how this works but I’m an idiot and if I don’t muddle through it with, well, this is my third sweater, I’ll never figure it out.

Anyway–I tried to take a nap, but Steve woke me up. She felt I was being rude. Feel free to tell her what I thought of that, yeah?

And then I put the buttons on.

And Squish is modeling it, but Chicken has… well, my people call them boobs, which Squish does not yet have. I think the sweater might fit a little better if given some room for all that pit. I shall be taking notes when she comes and tries it on.

But seriously–I”m proud of it. And it’s done. (Okay, I could block it.)  I think she might actually wear it, and I am content!

Oh– Manny Get Your Guy is out on July 1st– that’s SATURDAY, believe it or not. I am most excited!

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