High ten!

Quick post tonight–

Mate and I were watching season three of Miss Fisher’s mysteries.

The initial setup was in a woman’s sanitarium.  A woman walked into the room, dropped her drawers, and cut to outside. The lights dimmed, and the woman is found dead, electrocuted.

Someone onscreen said, “Was she reading with a lamp?”

I laughed. “For a minute there,” I said, “I thought it was… you know.”

Mate was all “What?”

“A vibrator. They used to plug into the wall.”

Mate looked at me sort of oddly. “Seriously?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Back then?”

“They used to short whole apartment buildings. I’ve read accounts of it.”

“Well then–“

And at this point, on screen, Miss Fisher makes a very blatant innuendo about what the woman was doing with an electric appliance (which is missing) and no knickers, while found electrocuted.

And Mate looks at me with admiration. “Well done! Go you! Look at what you know!”

I stood up and took my high ten.

I mean, it’s a very limited set of information, but, you know, surprisingly useful.

Also, I wouldn’t touch my privates with one of those things for any money– google “Antique plug in vibrators” with pictures and feel the buzz!

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