Poor Little Sausage…

* First of all, thank you to everybody who saw the picture on FB and wished me and Mate a happy anniversary. We spent it apart because of recital, but then, that happens a lot this time of year.  We’re used to it. But we’re very glad to still be married, so that works well for us.

And today, Mate got a kickass Father’s Day gift, as well as the gift of doing nothing. Seriously–I got takeout, took the dogs for a walk, picked up and dropped off Big T–he got to sit and do soccer stuff, and recover from yesterday. If that was how he wanted to spend his Father’s Day, I didn’t mind–he’s a good Mate and deserves the best

*  Second of all, thank you to everybody who wished ZoomBoy better health. If you didn’t catch the FB posts, he was sick for recital AND rehearsal this year, spiking a nasty fever for about four days. He wanted to perform so bad. We dosed him up for rehearsal on Friday, but by the time we got him to the theater he’d wilted like lettuce in a steam room. Mate took him home and I got to see Squish’s dress rehearsal, but ZoomBoy stayed home on Saturday and so did I. It was so surreal, us being home when Squish, Chicken, and Mate were off giving their best to the performance.

I THINK he’s better–his last dose of meds has worked really well to get him almost to normal, but in the meantime–man. This was supposed to be this year. His dance teacher said it. All of the people who have been watching him dance for years said it–he got his confidence this year, learned how to rub some funk on it. Dammit, he was fun to watch! So it hurt, when he was supposed to be in costume with Squish, to see him lying on the couch, so still he was bumming out the dogs. Hopefully he’ll be better in time to perform at the State Fair, and I’ll be here to watch him and not at RWA.

*  Third of all, my stepmom sent me photos, and then  Big T went through our old pictures to see what he could find.  There were a lot more–but the reason I picked these two is that they were taken almost in the same place, about twelve years apart.

Also? In the black and white one you can (if you look closely) see a cat in the corner.

He’s supposed to be there, but it’s sort of haunting the way that cat showed up 😉                      

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