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Hi all! Sorry so remiss about blogging– was trying to catch up on work at Coastal Magic and, well, busy!

So, gonna do a mostly picture post… whee!!!

This first whack of photos was taken at West Bradenton, which is mostly an island, and is, as such, beautiful. There’s also a picture of God Land (actually The Holy Land) which is a religious based theme park, featuring a life-sized Roman Coliseum where apparently reenactments of the crucifixion of Christ occur regularly. Yeah. 0.0  I had that same reaction.  It’s outside of Orlando– bring your wands for protection when you pass by.

This next thing is my hotel room, which, yes, I managed to take over and destroy in less than an hour. You’re welcome.

These guys are the elevator repairmen, and they were wonderful. What makes them wonderful, you ask? Well, for one, they broke us out of the elevator when we were trapped in it, so, yeah. MY HEROES, y’all. B. They were really sweet when they did it–although giving them directions for which way to direct the screwdriver to unhook the latch from their side was unintentionally hilarious. C. They overlooked my offer of a blow job for getting us out in time for lunch. D. The guy on the left kissed his buddy’s cheek when I asked to take a picture and the guy on the right just rolled his eyes and laughed.
So, see? Wonderful.

This is what was going on while I was gone. You may notice Squish looks a little flushed. Because she was sick. Because poor baby!  ZoomBoy is all better though– he’s just being lazy for the camera.

This whack of pictures is my notes for flash fiction, which, once again, went off very well. People laughed their asses off, so, you know, WIN! 
And yes– that IS a rhinoceros with ass-less chaps. (Some smartass on twitter pointed out that ALL chaps are ass-less. So now we know.)

This is me. I, uh, later took down my hair because the frizz was tremendous.  By the way, people LOVED the wave crash shawl–I am humbled by how many people told me it was beautiful. Win!

This is Mary, and it’s not the most flattering of pictures but she posed like this to mess with her PA and because I love her PA I said I’d show this picture to as many people as possible since it was already on Twitter. 
Also, she has a copy of Frog in manga and it’s beautiful and hot and sexy and Webb of course will rip your heart wide open.

This appears to be what Dewey spent his time doing while I was gone.
Fucking cat.

This was my last panel of Sunday. I loved them. We talked about music and had a blast and they all waved for Mate. HI MATE!

This is the weather on my last day. Sunshine on my toes–quite literally. The water felt delicious and I’m so glad I took a half-an-hour and touched the sea.

And that’s it! I’m not home–I sort of stalled out in Charlotte for the night, but I should get home around 12-ish tomorrow. *sigh* I want to see my children and my dogs.  
But as you can see, it was a lovely trip!

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  1. K. Tuttle says:

    Please, I need your help. I see that Mary is holding up her Frog manga, and I have to have it. So. Much. Do you know where I need to look for it? Pretty please with sugar?

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