Pun-day and Fun-day!

So, we finally decorated the tree today–we were going to do it last night, but it turns out the Christmas lights were almost thirty years old and decided they weren’t doing one more frickin’ tree. After the kids’ dental appointment, we went to Target–which was almost shopped out–and Squishy and I decided on the white lights with the big colored stars, and it worked out nicely.  Chicken and
I went out for dinner and came back and Big T, ZoomBoy, and Squish had done this–and I was so proud.

I told them to pick a Christmas movie. They picked Gremlins. Mate was also proud.

Well, only a little bit of fun– but the following two conversations happened today:

ZoomBoy:  Did you hear about the security guy in the Samsung store? He was one of the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Me: Oh God.

Squish: What?

ZoomBoy: So, if you illegally download a movie in Jamaica, are you a Pirate of the Caribbean?

Me: You know, in some countries it’s illegal to pun!

Squish: Well we need to stay out of those unpunny countries, don’t we!

Me: *waves flag of surrender*

And this one, which I posted on Twitter, but which I will laugh about until the day I die…

Mate, over phone: Can we do the thing tonight?

Kids: 😳😳😳😳😳😳

Me:We’re on speaker phone!


 Mate (on text later): I meant Christmas list! 

Me: Too lateβ€” your oldest was rocking himself back and forth going β€œNo no no no no…”

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