Happy happy…

 So yes, I know Sunday was Easter, and we had a lovely one. Family at my mom’s house–we all brought something. It was also her birthday, so pretty much, the only thing she had to cook was a veggie tray–woohoo!  It was funny–I’d had my sister signed up for dessert of some sort, but that morning my mom’s best friend showed up at her door at eight in the morning with a cake she’d just “thrown together” that was so gorgeous it made me cry. Also, its as as good as it looked–and that doesn’t always happen!

And the kids got candy and clothes–pretty much the standard Easter basket in our house. There was also much sleeping in and recovering, which everybody had to do because Saturday was also special–but once in a lifetime (we hope) special and that takes it out of you!

Saturday was my oldest son’s–Big T’s–engagement party.

And it was lovely. The kids had it at a beer and sandwich place with a covered patio, and the bride’s brother brought fancy cupcakes from where he worked, and there was pizza and happy conversation and a general appreciation for two young people whom, I think it was concluded, were really really loved. 

I stood up to give a toast–I think the entire family sort of bowed it over to me, it was weird. I remembered when Big T was eight years old and he stood and greeted people to his birthday party. He smiled and told them where to put the presents and thanked them for coming and was, in general, the perfectly good host. As I was watching the kids (Okay– they’re 28 and 29�!) greet their guests and be fun and excited and generally super awesome adults getting ready to enter a new stage of super awesome adulthood, I had the thought that they were perfect for each other. 

So that’s what I said for my toast (except better, cause I write sometimes.)

Anyway–for their engagement present they got wedding crocs.

Yes, I know, classy. 

But you have to understand.

Chicken got two pairs of crocs and loved them–so she bought a pair for her grandparents for Christmas. I was getting tired of wrecking my feet while cooking because I hated wearing shoes in the house, so I thought, “Hey, I should get a pair of those!” The first pair was too small, and it was sitting on the floor while I tried to muster up the enthusiasm to trade them in, when ZoomBoy walked in, put them on, and said, “Thank you Mom!” and flip-crocced out of the room. The next pair I got DID fit me, and Squish saw me and ZoomBoy wearing our crocs and said, “Uhm… why didn’t I get a pair?”

So that’s four of us. Wearing crocs. 

We wore them to the movies, where we were meeting Big T and Beautiful A to see a show, and A said, “Hey–your whole family is wearing those. How funny!”

And I’d been banging my head against a wall to think of something I could give them besides just gift certificates to someplace practical to make it easier to pay for the wedding.

And I went,  “Aha!” And then I decorated the crap out of them–glitter tulle, champagne jibblitz, pink bows for hers, black bows for his–Wedding crocs.

They were adorable. Also, I got Beautiful A the fuzzy ones, because that’s some nice shit there.

So we had a big weekend–and my kids were happy. And my dad and stepmom were happy.

And Mate and I were happy.

And that doesn’t happen as often as it could, so Happy Easter everybody. 

May we all get our moments of chocolate, ham, and pretty sunny picnics on a Sunday afternoon.

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