Upon Being Horton…

It’s going to be random thoughts today. I keep thinking I’ve got some REALLY FUNNY STUFF to blog, and then I sit down to work on Jack & Teague and all personal shit goes bye-bye. I think my gray matter is damaged… uhm, anybody shocked? I didn’t think so. So, random thoughts… let’s fire ’em up.

* How does Horton the Elephant know he’s right? Because I’ve felt like Horton my entire life. And then I’ve felt crazy. Poor bastard–and why doesn’t any one kick that bitchy roo in the teeth at the end? They TORTURED that elephant forchrissakes! I know that if I AM Horton, and not really crazy, when the little voices in my head finally get heard, I’m gonna initiate some SERIOUS payback on my non-believers. If they let me out of the straightjacket first.

* Watched my first two episodes of Buffy today. (Yes. I know. 12 years behind the times. I WAS BUSY!!!) That being said? *swoon* Not quite Supernatural, but 12 years ago, it might have been.

* My friends James & Rebecca (of Little Vampires fame are currently at San Diego Comic Convention. They’ve seen Joss Whedon. *swoon* *thud*

* And as I was scraping myself off the ground from that Joss Whedon thing, I got another tweet from them. They saw Ray Bradbury. *SQUEEEEEEEE* *swoon* *thud* *squeeeee*

* My parents called up and took the big kids to the movies tonight. I love them.

* They came back and reminded me of a Ladybug story when they dropped the little kids off. When the big kids went to Lassen, the little kids were UNhappy. We were explaining the situation to Ladybug when she said, most adamantly, “You stole my CAMPING!”

* I have eleven days before I go back to school. I hate that.

* I have 64 pages of what I’m thinking is going to be a 120 page Jack & Teague. Me LIKEY!

* My summer reading is Rob Thurman’s Nightlife series. Very nice–two half-brothers on the run from the supernatural world… now who would have thought that sort of thing would appeal to me?

* I’ve decided to work on socks at home a little more often. My new traveling project happiness? Simple. Hats. Seriously–so easy, and you can finish most of one during a movie. Whereas socks? I can mostly ruin a plain sock in the course of a movie!

* I’m GOING TO FINISH A KNITTING PROJECT tonight. Did I mention the *swoon* ing? The *thud* ding? Yeah– now it’s your turn!

* It’s Julia Roberts night on HBO– am I the only person on the planet that LOVES Conspiracy Theory? *oh* Okay– I’ll go watch it now…

* Timeline: As soon as I’m done with Jack & Teague, I’m sending it to beta readers… Galad? Littlewitch? Eric? Any takers?

* While J&T is being beta’d, I’m going to be doing my first MAJOR rehaul of RAMPANT. Roxie? Needletart? Ceri? Are you still game?

* I REALLY love this song. The fact that the video features my guys? Well, that’s a plus, but the song… mmmm… Blind Faith. Says everything.

Maybe I’ll be coherent and witty on Monday… Hey–it’s always a possibility!

0 thoughts on “Upon Being Horton…”

  1. Littlewitch says:

    Like I'd EVER refuse Teague. C'mon now!

  2. TinkingBell says:

    For you – always ready.. – and Horton – I would have bitch slapped that damn 'roo till she screamed for mercy – and then done it again

    hahahaha – my security woird is 'vulga'

  3. Donna Lee says:

    Ray Bradbury!!!!!Thud. Swoon. That would be amazing. We have Ben Bova's autograph and I kept it on the fridge forever just so I could touch famousness everyday.

  4. roxie says:

    Rampant? Oh yeah baby! Bring it on!

    The voices in your head are right. The rest of the world is agley.

  5. Louiz says:

    Horton? Think I'm missing something.

    I love Buffy – must sort out some time to watch some more, himself barely tolerates it and makes snarky comments.

  6. Galad says:

    I'd love to read some more Teague – send it on!

    Buffy is a lot of fun and has many seasons. Good knitting video 🙂

  7. Unknown says:

    Yup, I'm down for more reading/editing.

  8. Monday? You mean Monday in two weeks right?

  9. NeedleTart says:

    Totally ready. I finished all my library books this morning and all I have left are the 90 or so books in the box next to the fireplace that I was supposed to finish this summer…

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