Books, glorious books!

I knew it would happen… I just waited for the dragon to calm down, get over his usual tizzy fit and start pacing his cave and gnawing on human limbs in distraction. And then… and then…

Someone else’s dragon moved in. *happy sigh* It’s a good dragon… fierce and full of snarky narration, terrible angst, and blood… it’s scales are indigo, midnight, slate gray and blood purple–not as much fiery orange as I like, but a taste of irridescent green along the feathers. His roars are bitter and angry, full of unfulfilled longing and crimson sacrifice and I LIKES him!

Seriously– I’ve been reading the Rob Thurman books. The first one is Nightlife–wasn’t TOO fond of that one, there is a plot development that seriously pushed at my comfort level with identifying with a first person narrator, but the premise is just so… so juicy, I stuck around for the end and then devoured the next two (Moonshine & Madhouse). I’ve slowed down a bit–I’m going to savor the last one (Deathwish) but, seriously… *ahhhhh* I thought this would happen with the Karen Marie Moning books first (sorry, Littlewitch) and I hoped it would happen a little more seriously with Elfhunter (which I am still enjoying in a leisurely way–it is very tasty too!) but I should have known that these would totally captivate me.

For one thing, they sound… really familiar.

Cal (short for Caliban–his mother was a piece of work!) Leandros and his older brother Niko have been on the run since Cal was fourteen. Seems that Cal’s father was one of THE nastiest pieces of supernatural monsterdom on the planet, and Cal’s father’s people want Cal back. They’ve got a little job for him.

So we’ve got two half-brothers, on the run from the supernatural. They take up residence in New York, and after the first book, they start settling down with a group of (*gasp*) truly good companions, but throughout the books, it’s Cal and Niko. They train, they kick ass, and they let their guard down in front of nobody but each other.

*happy sigh* Yeeeeahhhh… I know some of you are feeling a little deja vu–hopefully WITHOUT that creepy Wincest vibe that only I was into. I really love these books. Could be because they’re some of the only books I’ve had a chance to devour all summer, (I’ve read a couple of e-books that I really enjoyed) but it could be just that I was in the mood to kick some ass.

Or maybe I was just in the mood to let somebody else’s dragon entertain me. I mean… you never know what kind of eggs that guy’s gonna be leaving in the compost heap of my brain-cave, now do ya?

(Side note–Okay–I go back next Thursday to decorate my room and make copies and prep for classes and shit. Today, I officially stopped making the Cave Troll come to the gym with me on M/W because he was swimming for an hour and THEN going to soccer practice, and his poor baby butt was WIPED OUT when he got home. He was still tired tonight. I just told his little sister, “Okay, sweetie… go lay down next to… I mean perpendicular to your brother!”

And I”m gonna try for some pictures of the three hats… I’ll explain how they came to be, but like Knittech, a picture really is worth 1000 words.)

0 thoughts on “Books, glorious books!”

  1. Louiz says:

    Someone else's dragon sounds pretty good!

  2. Nice dragon. Shall we set up a play date for them?

  3. roxie says:

    Three hats? You better produce those pictures, babe!

    Just a note, mom: Young K is no longer a baby. Bless his weary little buns.

    Hooray for visiting dragons cross-fertilizing with YOUR dragon. Oh yeah!

  4. Roxie, I don't need an image of procreating dragons in my head.

  5. Galad says:

    Enjoy the visiting dragon and your last days of freedom!

  6. Jenclone says:

    never heard of those books. just zonned them and they look pretty good.

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