While we wait to see if blogger will load pictures, I’ll tell you a little secret.

I submitted Bitter Moon II this morning. *deep breath* I’m sure the editing problems abound, just because I’m me, and if I think it’s perfect, I’m bound to have forgotten to capitalize half the proper nouns in the manuscript. But it’s done. It’s in, and I’m torn between laughing and sobbing, which is silly, because beyond some of the folks reading this blog and a few nice people out and about in the world, very few people are going to read this book.

Doesn’t stop me from freaking out though, does it?

You all know what’s coming next, right? Join me, won’t you?

Holy Goddess, Merciful God, LET IT NOT SUCK!!! Cannyagimmehallelujia? Amen.

I give up–I’ll try loading pictures later, and I’ll even give it a go with a real blog post then. Right now I just wanted to vent my raging insecurities into cyberspace–thanks for listening. I’m going to go crouch in a corner now and tremble like a chihuahua in a thunderstorm.

(And thank you all for your support for yesterday’s blog–it meant a lot to me that you all assumed I wasn’t abusing my child–and can I just say that the little shit is so patently unafraid of me that it’s not funny? *yeesh!*)

0 thoughts on “Uhm…”

  1. You’r writing rarely sucks. (I’m not going to say never, those Atomic Flyswatters are evil.) Go knit something fun and forget about it.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    It will not suck. I have supreme faith in your abilities. Your writing is imaginative and wonderful. It will not suck. (I am picturing Gandalf saying “IT WILL NOT SUCK”, just like in the movie where he told the balrog he couldn’t walk on the bridge)

    And you’re a pretty awesome mom, too. Just ask your kids.

  3. roxie says:

    There, there, baby. There there. Give us a big sigh and come in to the center. Breathe out stress, breath in peace. Recite the mantra with me. “It sucketh not, neither does it bore.”

    Feel better now?

    You’re going to press after all? Wahoooo! Hallelujah! Amen sister! You go baby!!

  4. Galad says:

    How exciting to actually go to press after all your hard work. IT WILL NOT SUCK!

  5. Louiz says:

    bouncing with excitement – of *course* it won’t suck. Even if there are some typos, I’m absolutely, completely sure that the writing won’t suck. And we’ll still demand “more, more…”

  6. TinkingBell says:

    iT SO DOES NOT SUCK – It’s a great book – and I’m dying to see how you finally decided to resolve the quandary!

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