Live, from i-Universe…


Holy Goddess, Merciful God, (are ya all with me here?)


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  1. Haylo says:

    How long does it usually take for it to appear on Amazon? I want it fast and I don’t remember how long it took I-Universe to get it to me. Hi my name is Tiffany and yes I admit I am an addict.

  2. Amy Lane says:

    (In chorus, now:) Hi, Tiffany!

    I’d wait for it to come out on amazon–(my guess? less than a week). iUniverse will post the book BEFORE all the copies are printed–so when you order from iUniverse, it’s still gonna take just as long to get to you, but they don’t have amazon’s breaks on shipping. (I REALLY hope you like it–I’m so nervous going outside of the Cory-verse… and thanks to all those folks who helped edit it and keep assuring me that the Little Goddess fans won’t be disappointed. I REALLY need to hear that!)

  3. roxie says:

    You could not bottle feed that book, Amy, because it absolutely refuses to suck. What will it take for you to believe us? How many copies do you need to sell? It sucketh not, neither doth it bore. It is engaging, magic, page-turning, good writing. OK, it didn’t Change My Life, but then, it’s not done yet either. Lessee, how do I go about buying copies now? . . .

  4. TinkingBell says:

    Yay! How exciting!!!
    It does not suck!!
    I want to read it properly – without worrying about punctuation and editing!

  5. ismarah says:

    Ruddy hell – you nearly gave my husband a heart attack!

    I got all aquiver at the thought of a new Amy Lane book and went right over to iUniverse to check it out. I of course, being the most impatient thing known to (my) man, immediately clicked on the view sample section and started scrolling through.

    The heart attack inducing bit came when i spotted lil’ol me in there amongst all your net friends. I got so excited I ran downstairs to tell him.

    (to be honest, I was almost more excited by this than the dedication that he wrote in his second book but I”m not going to tell him that)

    Thanks very much for the shoutout – now I’ll have to figure out how to pre order the thing with huge amounts of postage as it’ll have to be fastasyoucanwithyourprettyfedexplanestrainesandautomobiles.

    And no, not cause of the shoutout. Because then I read the next few pages.

  6. How exciting!! The parts I read, look freaking awesome.


  7. Dude. I’m re-reading it. I never re-read. It. Does. Not. Suck. Not even a little. Breathe!

  8. Unknown says:

    Another resounding refrain of “IT DOES NOT SUCK!” for a great author.

  9. Galad says:

    I know everyone else has already chimed in but it will not suck! Can’t wait for Bitter Moon to brighten an otherwise dull January.

  10. Alyssa says:

    Meep! I was going to go to bed…now I can’t! It’s a good thing I just got my paycheck! *is excited* I’m absolutely sure it doesn’t suck.

  11. Louiz says:

    How can it suck? It’s you writing it… and I’m off to order it now! (over excited about having my name in a book.. and an Amy Lane one at that!)

  12. ismarah says:

    p.s. when commenting Bitter Moon on I noticed there were no comments for Bound, so I did that too.

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