And that, yerhonor, is why I got shot.

First of all, thank you everybody. You’re all so awesome–is it any wonder that you ended up in the acknowledgments? (Hee hee…I love that part!!!)

And second of all, I need to explain why I’m blogging in the middle of what should be my 3rd period class.

I was home yesterday with the Cave Troll and Ladybug–our little man is sick, so he got to run around in his jammies a lot with this awesome blanket he got for Christmas–it’s got a decorated hood and hands, so he just throws it over his head, and, VOILA! Instant boy-dragon. Ladybug got a kitty cat too–but since her new game is having us put on the dog leash and taking her for ‘walks’ up and down the hall (and, apparently, giving her food on the ground so she can eat on all fours like the cat–we didn’t do this on purpose, we’d leave the room and find her like that-Oi!) she’s not so into it.

Anyway, in case you were wondering how I got to spend so much time on-line, thereyago.

Now, about blogging at 10:05 on a Friday.

It all started when I went to the bathroom. I had about ten minutes at the end of my prep period, the staff bathroom was empty, and, hey, remember that I share a bathroom with five other people at home, and the fact that one of them isn’t potty trained doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to wander in on occasion to see what I’m doing there.

So, uhm…you know…Quality Time. With a capital D.

And that’s when the announcement for a lockdown went over the airwaves.

When I was, uhm, having Quality Time. You know. With a capital D.

So there I am, when my Quality Time is over, stuck in the staffroom. My first thought? NO knitting. My second? Goddammit–my i-pod is on in my room, running, providing random air with musical enjoyment while I am here, in the godforsaken entertainment desert of my own mind. My third thought? I really can entertain myself–but a computer would be wonderful, because this moment was EXCELLENT blogfodder. I don’t remember what my fourth thought was because that’s when I settled in for a nap. 1/2 an hour later, I wake up and call Mate, because today HE’S home with the short people, and, well, anything was better than the leaden silence of a blank, empty room, right?

Well, that was a pointless conversation. And now…now I’m still ALONE IN AN EMPTY ROOM WITH NO DIVERSIONS TO SPEAK OF.

And that’s when I decided that I’d rather be shot dead than this bored.

So I took my life in both hands and ran across the quad. One of the vice principals was out, checking rooms. She glared at me. But you know what? I think an hour is good. I think I should get a B+ in Lockdown because that was an hour in a dark empty room without my knitting!

And if I hadn’t broken and run? It would, at this very moment, be an hour and a half.

I think I’m showing movies for the rest of the day. Don’t quote me on this–but an hour and a half out of our schedule? If it gets to be two, what’s that gonna leave us? Second period is over, third is on the way out, and I’m gonna get a write up for getting stuck in the bathroom.

Having Quality Time. With a capital D.

0 thoughts on “And that, yerhonor, is why I got shot.”

  1. Movies for the rest of the day? I’ll counter with Dr Who on the Sci-Fi channel all day.

  2. Lyssa says:

    What is this lockdown thing about? I don’t remember anything like that from middle school.

  3. Amy Lane says:

    (hiya, lyssa!)

    When we suspect an intruder on campus or weapons on campus, we lock the campus down until it’s safe.

  4. Catie says:

    Do lockdowns happen frequently?
    All I ever had in school was firedrills and snow days (I loved snow days, they are a fond memory…. okay now I’m back from my reverie).

  5. TinkingBell says:

    LOckdown? Now that’s a scary thought for a school (NB In future take knittung and handbag to bathroom!

  6. Haylo says:

    We’ve recently introduced the color code emergency system to our school. We haven’t used it yet though. However we have had kids bring weapons etc. more than once. It just so happens that I work at a school where the administrators care more about keeping the school open so they can make money (public special ed. private school, they get money from the state for each kid, but only on days the school is open) than the safety of the staff and the other students! Heck I work with the elementary students and we’ve had even little ones bringing switchblades etc. Ahh school days.

  7. 3 hours. That mess was 3. Hours. Long.

  8. roxie says:

    Times change. Every time my twin bro got a new gun, he took it to school and showed it off to everyone, and if he’d sighted it in, he would bring the target, too, so people could see his nice groupings. All the guys did it. Of course, that was out in the sticks in a tiny little town about fourty years ago. Kids would take their rifles on the school bus if they were going rabbit hunting after school.

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