That rarity of rarities and my own common neurosis…

My 5th period class is quietly doing their work, and I got bored and decided to blog.

Someone check the bible–I think this could be a sign of something truly dire.

The truth is, my 2nd period was vile enough to make up for this seeming obedience. A few weeks ago, I moved everybody to a seating chart, and told them that if things went well enough, I’d let them migrate back to their friends. It wasn’t working out, so I broke up my chatty little groups again, and when I got to the girl who hates me, what burst out of her mouth was “Mrs-Fucking-Lane!”

She was the first referral of the day.

The kid who’s gonna move into independent study was the second, just for screwing around when the rest of the class was listening.

His buddy (with whom he was doing bizarre little pantomimes across the class) would have been third, but the bell rang.

So the kid who built a pyramid of Kleenex in my 4th period on the day I was absent got to be third.

Things went a little more smoothly after that.

So, yes, I think I’ve earned this moment of quietude. Providing it lasts longer than a second and a half!

Anyway, I got to (got to…any parent will tell you that it’s not really ‘got to’, it’s more like ‘had to’) go to Big T’s 2nd semester Back to School night last night–need I mention that it was 38 degrees (don’t weep for us, Toronto–I know we’ve got it mild…but then, we also know we’ve got it mild and forget to wear our winter coats when we end up having to walk the 1/2 a mile to the school itself because we had to park across the street, effectively freezing our large, middle-aged asses off!) But other than the cold, and the map drawn by a moron doing time in an asylum for the criminally insane which led me around the school three times until I begged an ROTC cadet for mercy, the night was pretty decent. T has nice teachers, although I’m sure they thought I was a total nutcase–especially since I knit through all their presentations to stay awake.

But that’s pretty much how I survived the whole day yesterday–we had meetings on the accelerated reader program, and I could tell how excited it was making me when I moved from the vanilla sock to the pistachio fingerless mitt, simply because I was knitting in my sleep with the sock, and the mitt kept me sort of cogent. By the way, I can’t help but feel that if the presentation enthralled me that much, I can’t wait to see what the program’s gonna do for our kids. (OUr district just does this shit, man–they go ‘hey–this sounds good’ and without consulting teachers in any school site, they spend a bajillion dollars on a program we wouldn’t take the time to puke on.)

*Sigh* Anyway… let’s move on to the fact that I’m so anxious about waiting for that first review that my fingernails are now a thing of the past.

Sora already gave me feedback (I lovesya, sweetheart, you knows I does!) and many of you have (very wonderfully) assured me that the book doesn’t suck… and I honestly believe you. You guys know me, though. I”m a total basket case until that first review. I shouldn’t be that needy–I really shouldn’t.

And yet, sadly, I am.

But that’s okay too–I’m writing this one part of BMoon II–it’s one of the parts I had plotted before I even started the first one. It’s a scene and a chapter that’s going to lie at the heart of the two books, and the anticipation of writing it was so sweet that I actually put it off for a bit so I could just squirm with the happy excitement of it all, like a puppy balancing a treat on its nose.

And now that I’m writing it, even in fits and starts, I’m a true worshipper of Triane–baby, for me, it’s all about the joy!

Let me know when enough of you have read the first one to want teasers for the second!


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  1. TinkingBell says:

    You deserve to knit after a day like that! I used to put TAFE students (18+ years old) outside my classroom for that!

  2. roxie says:

    I was thinking, “Thank God you don’t have to live with those kids!” but then I realized that you probably spend more time with them than their parents do. Blessings on your dear heart!! Go for the joy, Darling. Go for the Joy!!

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