Cloudy with a chance of crap-all

Well…nothing to blog about really. I mean, uhm, REALLY nothing to blog about that comes in any cohesive form, so I’m gonna do the shot-gun blog approach with a solid wad of crap-all ammunition. Uhm…EVERYBODY DUCK!

* On Monday, the Cave Troll handed me my driving glasses when I was not prepared for them. As a family we haven’t seen them since. I’m using my old glasses–the ones that have been missing an arm since Ladybug decided it worked better as a dolly-prod. They stay on my face just fine, but the headache they give me is spectacular.

* I got my ravelry, but I got it here at work, so I have no time to explore it and set up or anything until I get home. I have no idea how to do it from home, now that I have the page set up here on earth. *urgh* When I die, my bones are going to go in a case with John McClane’s as one of the last technological dinosaurs to survive into the 21st century.

* I’m really excited about getting my Ravelry. I hope I have time to do more than just explore!

* Yesterday, in the middle of my 6th period class, right after I got done telling the kids to calm down, they could see all the news on Heath Ledger at home, my grumpiest, most “my-way-or-the-highway-your-damned-tardy-kids-are-interrupting-my- classes-and-that-means-you-suck” colleague calls me up in the middle of class.

He called to tell me that Heath Ledger had died.

* I have two more baby hat/booties to make. But I bought the BESTEST BEST worsted weight yarn for at least one of them. It’s soooooooooo Al-paca-wool-not-quite-white-pastel that I almost want another kid to make a blanket with this yarn.

But it’s hand-wash only, so I’ll keep it at ‘almost’.

* Bitter Moon I: Triane’s Son Ascending is in the printing stage–it should be showing up on the websites within a week or so. As soon as I see it, you’ll be able to hear my e-squeal all the way around the world to Bells and Tinkingbell. (smirk)

* I sent Ladybug to daycare in her pajamas today. She loves those pajamas not quite as much as she loves me, or beating up her brother, but definitely more than the cat. I just didn’t have the heart to take them off when she was so set on wearing them. It’s a cold, nasty, windy day, and if I could teach in my pajamas, dammit, I would. Let’s face it, when we grow up, we HAVE to wear real clothes. Before we’re two, at least, we should be allowed to wear our squishy, ice-cream-colored, fleece-footie-pajamas as many times as mom can possibly wash them.

* Oh yeah–my ‘Ravelry name is ‘Cory’. I don’t know why I did that. I think it was because, for a moment there, I forgot my real name ISN’T Amy Lane!!!

* Has anybody seen ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles’? BRILLIANT if you like your sci-fi raw, action-packed, and angst-filled. And the chick who was in Serenity is still SMASHING at giving me the willies!!!

* Speaking of giving me the willies, I made the Cave Troll’s character in Bitter Moon II a cheerfully ambisexual wastrel, with a side-dish of cold-blooded-murderer. How twisted am I that I really like this character at the same time I’m fervently hoping my real son grows up to be nothing like him? The scene where he kills for the first time (in defense of his family, of course) actually gave me the chills. It was AWESOME. I hope.

* Chicken made scrunchies to raise pocket money for Australia. She’s a good Chicken, and we loves her very much, yes we does!

* *sigh* I agreed to make another scarf–apparently IN MY SLEEP since it’s obvious that I have no time otherwise. But this kid is SO NICE, and I’ve had her for two years… and *sigh* Someone told me there was a free *sucker* tattoo for my forehead in the offering, so here I am, planning something I probably won’t deliver until June.

* Oh yeah–tired of the texture of my hair (as opposed to the color, which I was growing accustomed to) I finally decided to go ahead and dye my hair. I was aiming at a color found in nature.

No such luck. High-Sidhe-Blood-Red, anybody?

So…I fired my crap-all-munition into the stratosphere…what did I hit?

0 thoughts on “Cloudy with a chance of crap-all”

  1. Julie says:

    Oh, we all knew you were part of the seelie court anyway. Please. Do you think we’re idiots? You didn’t have to dye your hair.

  2. Good Chicken!! Keep up the saving for that trip.

  3. Galad says:

    Here’s to those squishy, ice-cream colored fleecie-footed pajamas. I wish we could all wear them and be cozy!

  4. TinkingBell says:

    I want seelie red hair (at the moment it’s unseelie red!
    When is Chicken coming to visit me? (Or are you just transporting her to the penal colonies in the Antipodes?) Loving Vulnerable – still excising’that’ throughout!!!!excited about BM1 – oh yes I am!!(and the security word is omszgcku – which has to sound like cussin’ or an appalling internet acronym!)

  5. Louiz says:

    I think I’ve found it – but only by leaving “terracotta” dye on *way* longer than I should have! Also it turned my scalp a bit pink… and only worked on my white hairs, the rest has been untouched except under a strong light were apparently it looks purple.

  6. Haylo says:

    Oops I was signed in with the wrong account, it’s sad that I have so many because I keep forgetting log in names and passwords >< Anyway the sentiment remains the same, I am eagerly awaiting this book because I really need something Amy Lanish to pass the time with.

  7. Haylo says:

    OMG Bitter Moon in one week. I can not wait! I just may bring it to work to read so that I can pretend i’m anywhere but at this school full of future criminals of America. Also pajamas to work, sign me up~

  8. Catie says:

    I think I added you to my Ravelry – there was a person with nothing on their profile, named Cory, and had no friends – so sad 🙁 I hope it was you… It should send you a message saying I added you to my list.

    I’ll tell my husband to download the Sarah Connor Chronicles – Summer Glau is a great actress, she plays crazy particulairly well.

    And PJs… she had a great idea there, I still have time to find a job where that might be acceptable but I feel that it might be a mental institution…

  9. roxie says:

    How much are the scrunchies and how much is shipping and handling? I will buy some. Australia is ozsome!

    I want footie pajamas, too. Let’s institute “Wear your footie PJs to work day.”

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