Nothing to report…

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“Mom, what’s a textile?”

“Well, Squish, it’s a fabric. Textiles are fabrics made of fiber. Knitted, woven, crocheted–“
“Oh. I’m reading about the textiles in Shetland.”
I widened my eyes and got a better look at what she was reading. “What do you have there?”
“One of your magazines. I had to do a report on a magazine article.”
“And you thought yarn was the way to go.”
“Well, also you write for this one. I put it as one of the reasons I picked it.”
“Okay then.”
“It’s an interesting article.”
“I”m sure all the 12 year olds will be crazy for it. You were going to make a copy weren’t you?”
“Oooh… yeah, that would be much better than cutting it out!”
“My editor probably thinks so too.”
B. String Boys is breaking me. It’s been a while since I’ve sobbed so openly over my keyboard. You’re all welcome.
C. I made an experiment today. I instapotted a roast in a bottle of wine and some garlic bullion. Two goes at stew setting, then I took the meat out, carved it into cubes, threw it back in and added sour cream, and rice. 
My family thought it was amazing.
D. We watched Desperately Seeking Susan tonight. Can I just say that I had a serious crush on Aiden Quinn (who sort of looked like Mate as a kid in that movie) and thinking about him now, in Elementary, I think he also looks like Mate (a very East Coast, Old Spice, cop-suit and bryll cream Mate) which is funny.
Maybe it’s the eyes. 
E. Oh! And the picture! Squish took it while I was napping. She was like, “It looks like you killed all the animals, Mom!”
I looked at the picture and said, “Sleep bomb GO!”
And then we tried to find Geoffie.
I posted it on FB and offered a prize who could accurately count how many animals in that shot excluding the big mammal in the middle–most folks got it right, but not everybody.
Silly Geoffie 😉

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  1. Unknown says:

    What Magazine do you write for and how do I get my hands on it?

  2. Amy Lane says:

    Yarn! Magazine– it's Australian but you can get an electronic copy at Pocketmags.

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