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So Connie Bailey (*all the love in the world for this woman who is my soul mate and my sister*) took pictures at the workshop, and sent us the files. I used one of them for a new picture on FB but figured I’d let you get a look at them.  It’s funny–I would have said the top one–eyes squinched shut and smiling–was the most me, but Connie really loved the last one. The one where I look mysterious and thoughtful.

I’ll take it. Mysterious and thoughtful? Not usually my thing. But I’ll take it, just this once.

So, still tired–today I got up super early and my nap? It was epic. It was also a day of communication–Elizabeth, Mary, and, later, a podcast interview with Geoff Knight of Geoff and Will’s Big Gay Podcast–I’M SO EXCITED–it’s coming out right when Hiding the Moon is, and whee!


So news here?

Well, I regret to inform you that my dogs are too stupid for the pet door.

The cats? They get it. It makes it possible for them to go in, then out. Then in. Then out. Then in.

Then out.

Which seriously is like third on the list of things a cat needs to live, right after sitting exclusively in YOUR chair and nowhere else, and a bottomless food bowl.

But the dogs?

The dogs are…

Oh my God.

They’re hideously dumb.

The whole family has taken to shuttling them out the pet door and then calling their names to get them to come back in. And yet, they come into the living room and look helplessly at the door, as if trying to say, “I know you’re trying to tell me something… something… anything… I just don’t know… can I get a clue? Wait… why are we doing this again? Let me in let me in LET ME INNNNNNNNN….”


All of that.

They’re trying to show us all of that.

And Mate and I are catching up on television.

There’s a new young hottie on 9-1-1, and he’s supposed to be the fresh meat that makes the old young hottie jealous.

I’m like, “For fuck’s sake, if these two guys are not shirtless and making out by the end of the season I’m gonna be SO disappointed.”

Anyway– just to let you know I”m not dead, and that SuperBat is not my only default mode.


Speaking of which–I’m putting it all together to make a document for Instafreebie, so people can download it and put it on Kindle.

Cause I’m good like that 😉

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  1. avatarminx says:

    You rock! I was wondering if I'd read all of the Superbat posts.

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