Sleep Cooties

Okay–so she’s 14 and it’s summer vacation–I’ve STILL never seen anyone sleep as much as my daughter.

Until I got back from the pool today, that is. I was so good–light breakfast, some water, and I did my aqua aerobics class at full bore. Then I played with the kids in the pool for an hour until everything from my toes to my ass cramped. A little lunch on the way home, some more water and then…

I passed out for hours and hours and hours.

Okay–I might have been conscious for some of it, but you wouldn’t know it by anything I did… no knitting, no writing, nothing but me and my drool.

Fun times! (But I’m still at 650 pages–I’m so damned happy… the end is near and I’m writing like a fiend!)

Anyway–in other news, I thought I’d take care of some vacation tidbits I left out because I had no pictures, yeah?

Fort Collins– we met Mate’s friends, Cody & Shelley in Fort Collins (and how stupid are we that we got no pictures? Plenty. But you knew that.) So, bless them and their generous natures, Cody took Mate on a pub crawl and Shelley took me on a yarn crawl to welcome us to Fort Collins. (Poor Shelley–she doesn’t knit, she doesn’t crochet, she just fondled the yarn and oohed-and-ahhed appropriately. I think she thought it was her penance for the Lady Cory socks, but I’ll love her forever just for googling on her ed for an hour, trying to find a yarn store that no longer existed!) Anyway, Shelley found me a store called Lambspun which from the outside looked like a really big house with a restaurant attached to one side. But on the other side, there were a bunch of tiny rooms filled with yarn. *shudder* Seriously–I could have been lost there for HOURS–they had SEVERAL couches/chairs tucked around the store to just sit and knit. And while I was there we found… okay, you’re not going to believe this. Truly. It was a Colorado exclusive mill, and it was (you’ll just dye (hee hee), I know it) 625 yards of worsted weight, three-colored alpaca (a natural tweedy blend) for $22.95. *swoon* Yup. I bought two skeins and am improvising a vest for Mate as we speak. I’m using ebony hardwood needles and the whole thing is a total fibergasm, I don’t care if I end up with a sweater that would fit one of the cousins from the Addams Family.

Of course, Mate WAS pub-crawling while we did this–Shelley texted her husband and asked if Mate’s ears were turning purple. They were– a sure sign of a good time drinking beer. We ate at a GREAT place called Butcher’s Choice, and I had a really big steak. Mmmmm… Me and steak–it’s a good thing.

So, all in all, a wonderful visit–I got to eat dinner with someone who likes the same books I read and dishes about Tru-Blood–fabulous time! (And I get to knit Shelley something really cool in the oncoming months… I’m so excited for her!)

And we also saw a movie– Terminator Salvation, and I could go on about how disappointed this one left me, but I won’t because I’m trying to stay awake. The fun thing was the Colorado natives who sat one row below us and entertained us before the movie. NICE people–and from what I understand, they were prototypical Colorado hippies, in their early forties, two small boys, and the Dad was a stay-at-home dad. I wanted to move up there just to be their friends (and, of course, Cody and Shelley–it could have been more ‘couple’s friend interaction’ than Mate and I have had in years!)

And I think that’s about it–but since it was only five days, I think it’s safe to say we filled them well. Of course, I might feel differently about that if I was one of those insanely fit maniacs actually BIKING the Trail Ridge highway, but I’m not, so I’m pretty proud of us. We were busy and social. And now we’re spending our summer vacation as the Goddess intended.

We’re sleeping. A lot.

*ahh* It’s all good.

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  1. Galad says:

    Lambspun were the other two skeins of yarn Nicole got me in Colorado. Obviously the two of you have similar taste in yarn 🙂

    Teenagers do sleep a lot don't they? I was always amazed that they slept almost as much as when they were babies.

  2. Louiz says:

    I remember my mum trying to wake my teenaged brother. She eventually let the dog into his bedroom, who was delighted and jumped on my brother's bed, jumped all over my brother while trying to lick his face and doing delighted happy squawky barks. That only worked for about 5 minutes too!

  3. roxie says:

    The pool always takes all the starch out of my uniform. I swim, then I need to fall down for a while. GOOD FOR YOU!

    The yarn was a steal! Do they have a website?

    Ebony needles? OOoooh, Ahhh! Oh baby, whip, me, beat me, make me write bad checks!

  4. Sleep? I <3 sleep!

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