So sorry–reinventing the wheel…

Okay– so, VERY short post tonight.

This weekend, I am, alas, not going to be at the Lavender Library with my QSAC folks–and I’ll miss it! *waves* Instead, Mate and I are driving to Berkeley tomorrow night (the older kids including my ginormous son will be here with the younger kids which makes me very happy).

Anyway– I’m teaching on Saturday morning for the RWA Chapter that meets in Berkeley and you guys I’M SO EXCITED.

SO excited that I did what any good presenter would do and opened my worksheet files and Power Point to brush up on what I had to say so I didn’t get in front of all those lovely writers and go, “GEEGLE agglplak GURK!!!!”

Because that’s a fear, you know, when you’re talking to a group of lovely and consummate professionals who possibly know more than you do about writing books, and you’re there to tell them how YOU write books, and you’re not sure that does anybody any good at all.

Anyway– I open my notes and I realize… there’s something… there’s something…

Wait a minute… this is the hour version. It’s not stored with the hour version, but this is the hour version. I had an entire version of this which took around 1 1/2–2 hours, and I was very proud of that. Had the whole “Setting the table for dinner” thing, looked very impressive.

I knew I had that–I presented it in Emerald City in October–and it wasn’t there.

So if I’ve been a little MIA in social media, and if I’ve seem a little distracted, it’s because I’ve been rewriting that, and repracticing that, and… and… and…. EGGLE agglplak GURK!!!!

Or, you know, something along those lines.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be the passenger in a shitty Odyssey on the way to Berkeley tomorrow, boring my husband to death with Fiction Haiku: Conflict and Setting the Table for Dinner.

Because he’s seen me to the Geegle aggleplak gurk thing, and he was not impressed.

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