Lovefest 2020

Oddly enough, everybody wanted to know about my day.

Seriously–I have repeatedly told people, “I live a very uninteresting life!” and about six people asked–but, oddly enough, I have something to tell!
For starters–last night, I thought I’d lost my fingerless mitts on my walk, and I was much depressed. πŸ™  
This morning, on the first leg of my loop, I FOUND them, and I was much cheered!  πŸ™‚
And then, after finishing the loop, I put the dogs in the car and realized I couldn’t find my keys, and I was much panicked!  πŸ˜±
I put the dogs in the car–it was about 60 degrees outside, which meant inside the car it would get to be about 80 at the most, and they were fine. This is important, because I had just cleared the first leg of the loop again in quest of the keys when a young mother pushing a jogging stroller AND walking her dog came running down the loop waving my keys at me–and I was much cheered!  πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
And she said, “I took them up top and clicked all the cars–you know, you shouldn’t leave your dog in your car–they were probably getting warm.”
And I was much… augh! How could I be irritated at her–she’d just saved me fifteen minutes of hauling ass around the park again to find the damned keys! But the dogs were fine! But… walking the loop again and missing my swim and…
I settled on gratitude. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Because ultimately she was well meaning, and seriously, the dogs gave zero craps–because they’d been on their walks and they were all crapped out.
She was kind. I’m going to be happy there is kindness in the world. (Not on the internet or in the White House atm, but there is kindness in the world.)
Anyway–so walk achieved, swim achieved–I did NOT kill any of the 45 supporters in the pool– that was a danger on Monday, for real. Got Squish home–ZoomBoy was at rehearsal–and got my nap in, and then, Mate got home with ZoomBoy, he downed a couple of burritos, changed into his tux like a superhero, and BOOM. 
I mean that. BOOM.
We went to LoveFest 2020.
Now, when I did this last year, I was much taken by surprise. It’s a joint venture/fundraiser between his drama department, the band, and the choir department, and it’s all songs and skits based around love. 
It was adorable last year, when the drama department did a choral reading of “Never Gonna Give You Up” and effectively Rick-Rolled everybody in the audience, and it was adorable this year when they did a self-written/produced set of Cupid shows the New Guy around skits. The Choir was lovely–and they finished with the Beatles and THE WHOLE CAST performing the end of Hey Jude, and we were all left feeling LOVELY. (Speaking of which, “Isn’t She Lovely” was one of their songs–this was a class act and I was so proud.)
It was just… wonderful.
And this year I brought Mate and Squish with me, and ZoomBoy got to show off.
So, there you go.
What did Amy do today?
More than usual.

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