Imaginary Conversations and Real

So, today I went shopping explicitly for snacks.

 Me, to clerk: You know, I like how that bag of potato chips says, “Party size” when what they REALLY mean is “party of one teenager gaming all day on the couch.”

Clerk: They really need to sell a size up for that.

Also, I bought Lindor Balls

ZoomBoy: Mom, I’m inhaling these balls. *smirk*

Me: Well, some balls are held for charity, and some for fancy dress.

ZB: But the balls that are inhaled for pleasure are the balls I like the best!

Also, there was drama in the bathroom.

Nebula the adorable new kitty: Hello, I am here and you are here and we should have pets since you do not seem to be moving oh that’s wonderful keep petting please.

Steve: What. Is. That. Thing.

Nebula: Oh look, I am a kitty getting pets and you are a kitty desiring pets and the human seems willing to forsake all other actions besides giving us what we desire so we should–


Nebula: RUN AWAY!!!!!

And Squish has discovered a thing that playful kitties do.

Squish: Look! Mom! He’s standing on his hind legs and trying to catch a bug! Go kitty go!

And I put my foot down about dog snacks:

Me: AUGH! I’m not giving you another treat! *I get up to give the dog another treat*

ZoomBoy: What’s wrong? They won’t leave you alone?

Me: No! They won’t stop begging! And…*I flail at her in her little soft collar* Look at her!

ZoomBoy: Yes. She looks like she has a very long flight to get to. She probably needs snacks.

I mean, when he puts it that way…

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  1. Leave it to the teens to make it all about the snacks. Either dog treats or sky raisins.

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