Valentines Day and Serendipity…

Okay– so I wasn’t going to post today, I was going to write a story for Patreon, but the following happened.

I’ve been working on a pair of socks and I’m so close to done–like, one good conversation and some Friday night TV close to done.

But there was a sale on this super bulky yarn, and I… I had one of those moments of inspiration.

I KNEW what this yarn wanted to be.

I could imagine this yarn being knitted, I could imagine the pattern, I could imagine myself wearing it. It would be so romantic–a hooded infinity scarf, super bulky yarn, off-white with eggplant colored edging.

I HAD to make this scarf.

Well, I was at my desk today when I got a text from ZoomBoy–“My teacher wants you to make her a sweater.”

Ha ha–very flattering. But then, I thought about this teacher. It’s his choir teacher–she’s been the choir teacher through grade school and middle school–she’s the one behind the fantastic choir program, who makes beautiful shows out of air and wishes and kids who adore her.

If anyone deserved a sweater, it was this teacher.

Alas, I needed to finish this scarf and then the socks and then…


About that scarf…

So I picked ZoomBoy up from school and we laughed about the sweater thing and I said, “Do you think she’d want a scarf instead?”

He laughed and I said, “It should be done tonight–maybe you bring it in tomorrow and say ‘My mom can make you a sweater but it will be a while. Maybe this can keep you warm while you wait.'”

He loved the idea–and even Squish said, “Oh, Mom, I’d give up my own sweater so she could have one. She’s superhuman. She deserves a sweater.”

But it meant I had to push on through to finish, and, well, there went my time for the Patreon.

And there went my dreams of me in the hooded scarf–but that’s fine. I don’t think was ever really meant to be mine anyway. Next week is President’s week and the kids just finished a big program–I think if anybody deserves knitwear it’s ZoomBoy’s choir teacher.

Besides–Mate sent me flowers. I’ve been pretty much taken care of this Valentine’s Day, you think?

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