When your native tongue is Lit Geek!

Okay– so, sorry I didn’t report back last night. So. Tired. Also, I had to make up word count.

But teaching at the East Bay chapter of RWA was a blast! Lovely, lovely authors–all of them kind and accepting, and I felt right at home. Their usual room was hijacked by somebody (there was much grrrrrrrr about this–heads will roll!) and we had a smaller classroom and it was packed to the gils. (See the chapter’s promo picture of me with Kilby Blades, who, bless her, was the one who asked me to speak <3 nbsp="" p="">
But there was enough oxygen for people to breathe and to laugh at my jokes and I was much encouraged.

I got to use a real life example in my speech–I was talking about character communication.

“Yes, so very often people don’t talk–but that doesn’t mean communication doesn’t happen. As an example, you may notice the little favors at your desk? Well, my Mate and I got up early this morning to get me here, so that I might have my coffee, and I was halfway through my coffee–when all good insights come–when it hit me. I had left the bag with the favors at the hotel. So I said this to Mate. Who went, “Really? Dammit.” And then he stood up, gave me a kiss, and muttered, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Thank you Mate. I love you.”

“Grumble grumble grumble.”

“But ladies, I submit to you, that you all have those favors, and my Mate just said ‘I love you’ very very clearly, without saying a recognizable word.”

Many, many hands were held to chests, and then I hit them with, “And he got me a SPACE HEATER for my WRITING SPACE for Christmas!”  I told him he will be much in demand after my passing–people got misty-eyed, I swear.

He doesn’t believe me. That’s okay. We can let him think I”m the only one who sees what a marvelous Mate he is.

Anyway–I talked to people. It was OUTSTANDING. And then we came home and there was napping, and the kids didn’t feel great on Sunday so… we went to a movie. We have been trying to see Ford vs. Ferrari for MONTHS. And it was good. So good. Laughed my ass off. Cried like a baby.

Had a very lovely date weekend that was not officially date weekend with my Mate. 

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