Another Quickie…

Sorry to leave you all hanging on that ‘giant flesheating beetle’ thing…the Cave Troll was in fine shrieking form yesterday… I’m not sure what was bothering him, but it was, by effect, bothering the whole rest of us. I heard myself writing yesterday’s post in the grocery store, trying to apologize to the whole produce section for the giant roue that Chicken had just dragged to the claw machine. (That’s a whole other post that I’m trying to avoid…)

Anyway…it’s all good. The beetle has crawledout of the Cave Troll’s ass, (and we’ve bought him quite a few American Idol happy meals…#$%^ing McDonalds…I don’t even WATCH that show!!!) and he is back to his irrepressable self. One of his more endearing quirks at present? When he and Ladybug have the same toys (like, say, happy meal toys…) he insists that she has her toy when he has his. Since she truly, honestly, doesn’t give a diaper of beetle-shit about whether their toys match–and, in fact, frequently tosses her toys cheerfully overboard from the car seat to hear the noise they make when they hit the crunchy bottom (you don’t even want to see my car…I cringe just looking at it from the outside)–this can cause…well, it can cause enough friction to ignite a holiday bonfire in Alaska sleet, that’s what it can do.

But it’s really sort of funny and endearing too.

And on the other funny and endearing fronts? I was putting the Cave Troll’s sandals on this morning (Because we’ve lost his tennis shoes already. We’re bad parents. I’ve said this.) when Ladybug stuck her fat little foot out so I would put a shoe on IT. Well, that did it–I rooted her Easter sandals out of the rubble and put those Buster Browns where they belonged. And then laughed until I wet myself because she couldn’t stand up in them…she just rolled around the living room trying to figure out how to get her shoes under her. High comedy…trust me!!!

Asta Manana Amigos!

0 thoughts on “Another Quickie…”

  1. Bells says:

    oh where’s a camera when you need one????

  2. roxie says:

    Giant roue? Claw machine? flesh-eating beetles? Maybe I don’t want to visit Sacramento after all.

    Love the image of the baby staggering around, trying to figure how shoes work.

    Your troll is a dear boy.

  3. Heh. Captain Adventure *loves* shoes. His shoes, your shoes, doesn’t matter.

    I swear to DOG I am SO going to blackmail him with those picture of him wearing my high heels…

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