Father’s Day, 2018

So, going to get political.

You’re going to see a lot of idiot politicians tomorrow–Republican ones–who claim to espouse family values–get on social media and say, “I’m a father and I’m proud.”

Today my husband helped volunteer–like he always does–as a Security Dad for our dance recital. And he hauled shit and sold tickets and carried shit and made sure nobody went into the designated areas that had kids in them, so the kids could be safe and returned to their parents.

More months a year than not, he coaches kids and he keeps track of their progress in soccer, and tries to mentor the best he can and is calm and cheerful and excited about something that he thinks will make kids’ lives happier as they grow up.

When I’m home he’s excited to see me, and is tender when people aren’t looking and tries to help me when I’m busy and sits on the couch and lets the kids hang on him and talks to them and plays with them and does all of the wonderful things that make him my Mate.  He only yells a little, sometimes, and mostly when he’s hangry.

He is kind to EVERYBODY’S children.

He is devoted to his own.

He would no sooner rip a baby out of his parents’ arms in the name of “thou shalt follow stupid rules” as he would throw his own kid in front of a bus.

He’d throw himself in front of the bus first.

He’d throw himself in front of the bureaucrat first.

To anyone who thinks it’s okay, what our country is doing, has been doing, to immigrants and their families…

Fuck you.

Get off my timeline.

If you’re a relative, don’t call me. Don’t talk to me. Don’t break my heart by showing me the monster you are.

If you’re a neighbor, know this is how I feel about you.

My husband is a good father. The best. He doesn’t just take care of his own children. He takes care of the children in his world, because he believes that’s a good thing. He doesn’t do it because his magic sky daddy told him it was good, he does it because he’s a good man.

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, all those sociopaths who would shoot a child in cold blood if they thought “the bible told them so” and thus could get away with it–

They are monsters. They are abominations. They are the evil that men become when they lose touch with what it means to be men.

I’m so ashamed of my country right now. I’m ashamed of my neighbors, and the few family members who think racism and xenophobia and CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN THE UNITED STATES are all hunky dory and the way we should keep doing things.

But I’m damned proud of my husband.

You’ll see the bureaucrats and the demagogues and the hypocrites and the Republicans all try to pay lip service to family values on Father’s Day. They’re full of shit and bile and evil and scabrous malignant cankerous bug feces that masquerade as brain cells.

My husband is a real man, and a real father, and he reminds me, in the face of these  monstrously awful fucknugget excuses for humanity, that good people can exist, and work hard, and give up their free time and their comfort, not just for their own children but for the children in their world.

Happy Father’s Day, 2018.

If you’ve got a person in your life that deserves love on this day, show it to them. In this world right now, we need to give every bit of credit where credit is due.

Just remember that the people who think it’s okay to irrevocably damage other people’s children are not good fathers. They’re monsters. And they’re raising monstrous people in a monstrous society.

And people who make monsters are usually devoured by them.

That’s a thing that will never change.

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