A brief poll–

 For a change of pace, I have a couple of poll questions for you u. Feel free to answer as you will:

Question 1:

Say, just say, you were working on a sweater, and at the end of the first sleeve, you decided to put a thumb hole in it. But after your daugh–erm, someone tried it on, you realized that the thumb hole was on the wrong side. 

And as you–or anyone, really–was finishing up on the second sleeve, it occurred to you–or anyone– that anyone had three options.  Four options.  Wait– FIVE options. That’s how many options. Five.  Uh-huh. That many.

A. Frog the first sleeve and re-work the thumb hole. When erm, anyone–no, no, EVERYONE hates, positively LOATHES frogging and would rather do anything else.

B. Stitch the hole closed in the first sleeve and pretend it never happened. No hole ever happened. Nuh-nuh, no hole to see here.

C. Just ignore the hole on the first sleeve. “There’s a HOLE? Oh… silly me… I would ave had to work two rows special just to make a hole look like that–I WONDER what I was thinking!”

D. (Which makes me–I mean YOU– look like only slightly less of an idiot than C) Put a matching thumb hole in the same place, which will give you the benefits of the thumb hole (ie built in fingerless mitts) but will necessitate a twisting of the sleeves.

E. Put a thumb hole in the right spot so that one sleeve is twisted and the other is not and just go, “Oops! My bad!” And pretend the whole thing was done for the sake of art like that weird statue in the backyard in downtown.

Uh, get back to me on this poll if you can. You know. Cause, uhm, asking for a friend.   That’s it. A friend.


So, now that THAT question is out of the way, here are the next items on the poll:

Question 2:

What’s the best way to deal with an animal who tries to interfere with your knitting?

A. Ship the little bastard to Mars

B. Have your husband call them and make him the bad guy

C. Kick the bugger off your lap and OWN that bad guy shit!

D. Knit around the damned dog because otherwise you’ll be haunted by your conscience AND he won’t leave you alone.

Question 3 (this one’s simple):

Do you like your laundry

A. With or

B. Without


Question4–this one is about Gibbs the Guest Dog:

Does she

A. Look like she’s still acclimating to her new pack

B. Look comfortable enough to fit in for a while

C. Look like she’s getting TOO comfortable and should maybe go back to her crate so that Geoffie can be the center of our attention again.

Geoffie, you can’t vote from my computer–dammit, I KNOW that’s you!

And finally,

Question 5:

Mate came home and wanted to watch a movie called I Kill Giants which was an AWESOME movie, and yet left us both sobbing like children. In the wake of that movie, he chose Con Air for… reasons.

At the beginning of the movie, he said,

“The most ridiculous thing about this movie is the beginning!”

So I ask you,

A. Is he right? Is the beginning when Cameron Poe gets 8 years for self-defense the most ridiculous thing about the movie?

B. Is the most ridiculous thing about the movie the unbelievable amount of 90’s star wattage dedicated to what is essentially an unholy trashfire of a script.

C. Is the most ridiculous thing about the movie the flying car?

D. Is the most ridiculous thing about the movie the fact that they put all those cons on the same airplane for the same reason?

E. Is the most ridiculous thing about the movie the fact that Steve Buscemi managed to be the most frightening character in the entire cast of murderers, rapists, and villains?

F. Fuck that movie, it should end up in the dumpster of history, and we should have just watched Fast and the Furious 27 and gotten our feelings out that way.

Enquiring minds want to know!

0 thoughts on “A brief poll–”

  1. avatarminx says:

    This seems fun so hopefully it's not rhetorical.
    1. A: Lol, sorry but frog it. Made with love.
    2. B: knit around them. Just admit they own you.
    3. A: with- it's unavoidable, unless your someone who keeps everything in its place and immediately folds clothes (I wish I could be that way)
    4. B/C
    5. E: Steve Buscemi

  2. Unknown says:

    1-B 2-C 3-B 4-B 5-C

  3. Shymsal says:

    Ok, poll 1: B, nothing to see here! Move along.
    Poll 2. C. They'll live. Pets should learn to speak "Shove" to get along. You have to!
    Poll 3. C. While without would be preferable, with is the only reality if you have/love pets.
    Poll 4. B. She's looking good!
    Poll 5. F, with the caveat that Fast and furious anything is only slightly better.

  4. SusanR says:


  5. Unknown says:

    1) N/A (I cannot knit, sew, weave, or spin, so I leave that in expert hands….who am I kidding? Option E. Fake it, own it, and pretend it's a commentary on left and right wing politics.)

    2) You should modify Option A and ship him round trip to Sri Lanka so that he arrives back when your current project is done and then knit him an apology jumper. But you'll do D because we are all suckers for the fuzzies.

    3) I'll have to choose A because B is a unicorn.

    4) A. She's sticking close to establish safety. Give up the fight, you've already lost

    5) I liked Con Air. I know…I know! But…I saw it first at an impressionable age when I was trying to establish my butchdom and so had a slavish devotion to things that exploded. (I grew out of that when I realized I liked me just fine without outdated social roles and I could wear glitter make up and a chain on my wallet at the same time and screw what anybody thought.)(I still like explosions though).

    Good luck with the sweater, thumbs holes are groovy.

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