It’s February…

It’s February the time of year
When things are decked with hearts
It’s also when my kid’s immune
Systems fall apart.

It starts in the morning, It starts at night
Of an ordinary day
The coughs, the fever, the headaches the pain
And my children have the plague.

There was the year when poor Big T
Made it to Valentines day
The next day we snagged him off the couch
At home for days to stay.

There was the year we all got sick
Mom had to bleach the couch.
My lesson plans went to hell and shit
Cause I couldn’t think to type them out.

This year it started with Chicken
And her poor exploding head
(And to top things off, she went on the rag
On the day she felt most dead!)

Next there came poor Q
A fever and the blahs
There’s nothing sadder than seeing a kid
More fish-eyed than a scrod.

The thing that makes it sadder
Is that they’re on break right now
Being sick sucks, I’ll give you that
But sick on vacation? Wow!

So the rain comes down
In icy sheets, and to work I’ll go
And feel bad for my poor kids
On the couch with aching heads, watching the day go slow.

I’ll think about movies to rent them.
I’ll stock up on drugs big and small.
I’ll Purex my hands until they bleed
Cause I don’t want to join them all!

I’ll let them sleep on my body
I’ll feed them ice cream and juice.
I’ll be nice to Chicken and do my own dishes
And give them my ‘cheery mom’ mood.

And I’ll try not to think of tomorrow
When I go back to work after all
Because it’s the third Wednesday of the month
And I’ve missed all my dept meetings since fall.

I should have seen this one coming.
I swear that it comes every year.
My children get sick when school gets crazy
But my memories of sickness aren’t clear.

As I get my umpteenth cup of juice and water
As I cheer up my millionth pout
As I throw away another bucket of kleenex
I think, “You know, I think I’ve blocked it all out!”

So I’ll post this filk til next February
And pull it out at this time
When the boring misery of Lane-family-sickness
Was preserved in snot-crusted rhyme:-)

0 thoughts on “It’s February…”

  1. Donna Lee says:

    We have had those “family sicknesses” but they usually fall in December. At Christmas. It’s sucky that it’s vacation but at least they’re not missing school….

  2. roxie says:

    ROTFLMAOSTC!! Poor babies. And how is Mate? Mommies are not allowed to get sick, you know.

  3. Galad says:

    ARGH – I hated those illness clusters that never seemed to end.

    I never put our experience to rhyme though. Leave it to you to make snot amusing 🙂

  4. NekoSamurai says:

    Oh. Oh my. I totally understand family sickness and child plague. When one feels it they knock the rest of us down like a bunch of f***in bowlin pins. Being sick on vaca sucks but its better than missing a week of school filled with assignments and tests,although missing those others pests known as classmates tends to be a plus.
    Heres hoping the clan feels better!
    –The grounded, happy latina. ^-^

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