What can I say? My life IS that boring!

I DIDN’T get a start on the roulette socks tonight (although I may go and do that before I go to bed… just to say I’ve done it) but I DID start a colleague’s hat. (Well, two of them, actually, but one’s more urgent than the other.) I was REALLY depressed when I learned that this guy was sick–he’s sort of one of those laid-back, wry, funny people whose whole life is understatement, but who adds up to seven buckets of awesome anyway.

Anyway, I made him a hat, in a dark, masculine brown, and as I worked on it I had two sentiments.

A. This yarn is malabrigo, and that’s starting to become a pr0n word for me… it is just so yummy it turns you on, and I was thinking, “Gees… this will be soooooooo soft on an abused cranium… good choice!”

B. And then I thought, “Brown? I couldn’t come up with anything cheerier than brown?” So I guess I’ll give it to the guy with a note that says he can either think of it as a nice warm chocolate wool hug, or he can wear it when he feels like shit–either way, it will be cathartic.

We went and saw Coraline, AGAIN. I was honestly at a loss–the kids had been sick all week, it had been raining for half the week… I didn’t want to throw the little ones into the germ-warfare trench that IS the MacDonalds/Chuckie Cheese/whathaveyou indoor playground, but I didn’t want the week to go by with nothing fun. We WERE going to do the zoo, but did I mention the rain? So we took them to a movie, they enjoyed it, came home and played and went to sleep early, leaving us big kids to watch the Oscars in peace.

A few notes on the Oscars:

Hugh Jackman–6 buckets of awesome, mostly for the dance scene at the beginning.

Screenwriter for Milk (I think that’s who he was… kids weren’t asleep at this point)–6 buckets of awesome, for growing up gay in a conservative Mormon family and then growing up to win AN OSCAR showing why this shouldn’t have been a bad thing at all.

Oscar planning committee–5 buckets of awesome for changing the format. It was very visually arresting, however, those of us who didn’t have HD teevee couldn’t read the several screens on the stage, and that was irritating.

Whoever was in charge of the wall-o-death–two buckets of ugly for forgetting George Carlin. I don’t care why he wasn’t on the wall-o-death, he was a benefit to the whole entertainment industry… unless he requested it specifically in his will, he needed a picture of him, in Bill and Ted’s Big Adventure, being amazing.

Kate Winslet–7 buckets of awesome for asking daddy to whistle so she could wave to him while she was on stage. My dad would have done the same thing with the exact same whistle. Probably the only thing Katy and I will ever have in common, but it felt good.

Anne Hathaway–two buckets of awesome for participating in the first song number w/Mr. Jackman. She would have gotten more buckets of awesome, but, really, how much of a hardship could that have been?

Oscar planning committee–5 buckets of awesome for having past Oscar winners address their peers–the people receiving the awards were truly moved, and so was I.

Big T–4 buckets of awesome for planning to include me in his Oscar speech. 2 buckets of ugly because he’s planning to thank me for helping him edit his script.

And there we have it–my life is so boring, I had to go on an Oscar rant. Tune in tomorrow as I categorize my toenail clippings… or we see if Little Q’s teacher notices that his sister didn’t get off all of the nail polish she put on while they were knocking around the house in utter boredom. Either way, the fun never stops!

(And Galad liked my book TOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Thank you, darling–the review on amazon was wonderful, and the one on your blog was awesome, and I’m sooooo very glad it was worth being a Valentines Day gift… Thank you for all of your cheerleading this last year–you really do help keep me going!)

And THAT’S the end!

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  1. Bells says:

    oh yeah, the screenwriter of Milk made me weep. that was poweful stuff. finally, tears for the oscars that didn’t feel fake.

  2. roxie says:

    There is a great deal to be said for missing out on interesting times. Anyhow, when life seems too dull to write about, you can always tell us a story. Give us a memory or make something up. Or go to Google and type in “Amy needs”, and talk about the first ten things that come up.

  3. Catie says:

    I have plenty of interesting – there is a lot to be said for boring.

    And the Oscars … I think it was the first time I ever watched the whole thing and I gotta say I liked most of it. I LOVED how Kate Winslet’s dad whistled to her. I think that was my very favorite part.

  4. Galad says:

    Thank you for creating such an awesome story 🙂

    I liked the Oscars a lot this year and for many of the same reasons. Some of the things we all liked best were poorly reviewed online. I kept wondering if they watched the same show I did. Now I have all the films I haven’t seen set up in my Netflix account. That way I dont’ forget when they finally come out on DVD.

    P.S. Haven’t seen Coraline yet but obviously need to!

  5. Oscars? What are those? Seriously, I don’t watch them. What I think was really spiffy, Hollywood looks down its nose at. So, there is very little point in it for me.

  6. Donna Lee says:

    Isn’t there a Chinese curse that says, May you live in interesting times? Ain’t nothing wrong with boring. I’d like some boring right about now…..

  7. NeedleTart says:

    Boring sounds good. If you have some free time, I actually posted a bunch of pictures. Extra update, the school nurse sent me home today, seems the lungs aren’t up to 9-year-old perfumes…..

  8. Donna Lee says:

    Isn’t there a Chinese curse that says May you live in interesting times? Ain’t nothing wrong with boring. I could use some boring about now…..

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