Crap & shit

* Okay–I forgot to post yesterday. Just flat out forgot that I try for every other day and got caught up in big doings like naps and dinner and a movie with Mate. Sorry!

* We gave each other cards– mine was home-made, and featured a foamie frame, decorated with buttons and flowers, and showing off the lyrics to Open Arms (by Journey, Jack & Teague fans) and being modeled by Big Q. Mate liked it–of course there’s a personal note written on the back, but I think he liked the idea of something inexpensive, but important. I, uhm, got a button that said “I got this from the world’s greatest lover.” And $15 in i-tunes that I can’t really use until the end of February, when my royalty check comes in (and I can replace my ipod). But I’m already planning, so that’s good.

* You may have noticed that ‘The Cave Troll’ shall heretofore be known on the blog as Big Q. He’s sort of outgrown that whole ‘Cave Troll’ thing in public– but his father and I will remember him as the Cave Troll for the rest of his natural born life.

* Did you notice that some of my slash/fic rockstars showed up and commented on the blog! *squeal* *swoon* Thanks Madeleine Urban and Madelynne Ellis– you guys really made my week!

* I actually had a class come in on Friday and ask, very politely, “Ms. Lane, if we promise to take our quote quiz next week, can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish the Crucible?” They were engaged, interested, enthusiastic–of course I said yes. Had a lovely discussion afterwards–I actually thanked the class for being interested in their subject. It was a good day, and the only reason I ever wanted to teach AP in the first place. The fact that the class was a class of regular juniors didn’t matter–interest, engagement, active thought, sweartadog, it’s all I’ve ever wanted from my job.

* We got a note in Big Q’s backpack this weekend that I read on Wednesday. It said “This year, we would like your child to make his or her own valentines.” All 24 of them. So there I was, in the craft store, buying hole punches and foamies and stickers… when I heard Open Arms by Journey on the speaker system. Uhm… wait… that could explain item number two, couldn’t it? Anyway, 24 valentines– Chicken and I made them in two hours. Big Q signed them. *ah* What a lovely idea– thanks Mrs. McGearing!

* Chicken also volunteered to bring cookies to her Spanish class. This wasn’t so bad– we used prefab cookies and I flipped them off a pan with a spatula, and Chicken caught them, like a Mario and Luigi game. It was pretty funny, and then one of the cookies rolled off the plate and back onto the pan. And then it did it again, and I giggled, “That cookie is doomed… doomed doomed doomed!” Big T heard me from the other room, having been told that the cookies were NOT for big brothers, and suddenly there was the thundering sound of a ginormous teenager pounding through the house. “Doomed? Did you say that cookie was doomed?”

Well THEN it was!

* It’s blowing and howling outside today–I need to run some errands, and all I WANT to do is curl up in a ball and decide what I’m going to do about my roulette sock. Dammit–I was going to do a test sock, and I’m more than halfway through, but I think it’s pretty obvious I won’t finish the test sock AND the actual sock by the end of February, so I’m going to have to put one more sock on the needles. *sob* I can’t keep track of how many socks I’m working on right now. I’m SO confused!!!

* No reviews on Bitter Moon II yet, but I HAVE had some feedback. (My copies haven’t arrived from iUniverse, editors–I swear, as soon as they do, I’ll be at the post office with books and yarn and a cartload of gratitude!) I’d like to thank Andrea, who spoke out on the blog last week, and Ally L who wrote me a long and thorough e-mail, both of whom assured me that the book got the job done. A friend of mine also e-mailed me twice, looking for reassurance–she told me the book was INTENSE, and I figured that was a compliment, right? Thanks, guys– I’m grateful. My butt-cheeks have marginally unclenched and I can start gently disengaging a part of my psyche from the land of the three moons–I’ve been stuck there for about a month, and it’s made writing in the Coryverse a lot harder than it usually is.

* Ladybug… “Mom, sit in your lap me.” This is Ladybug for, “Mother figure, thou shalt drop all of your engagements, sacrifice your clothing, and sit down to watch Spongebob for the umpteenth time while I eat something messy and spill it on your shirt.” Usually I don’t mind, but she tends ask me to do this RIGHT when I’ve started writing. *sigh* Children really do eat your brains, and precious little girls with “You love me don’t you,” smiles really are evil. I love them all.

Done for now!

0 thoughts on “Crap & shit”

  1. Galad says:

    How fun to make homemade Valentines with Big Q!

    I am savoring Bitter Moon II so am not racing through it like I sometimes do with books.

    I already have a favorite quote, “Small acts of kindness and bravery often won the war” So true in all of our daily lives.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    I love the idea of handmade valentines. I’ve done this over the years and they are always my favorites. And now I will go to work accompanied by Journey.

  3. Julie says:

    You have cute kids. But you knew that.

    Yay for students interested in something! The Crucible no less!! (Was it the movie? Daniel Day-Lewis might keep me interested. Maybe. Depending on the costumes.)

    Spongebob is banned at my house. And why are they running Phineas and Ferb on three channels? I like it, but for cryin’ out loud!

  4. roxie says:

    Big Q it is!

    Ladybug uses German grammer. Interesting.

    Hooray for a class that is engaged and interested. You are SUCH a great teacher!!

  5. Sounds like a good time was had at your house. We watched Christopher Titus Love is Evol. Good times to say the least.

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