And Dex and Kane introduce…

And here to introduce Amy’s Cafe Press store (brought to you by the inimitable and awesome Rhys Ford) are Dex and Kane:

“Night bunny.”

“G’night Unca Dex.”

Dex kissed Frances on top of her downy little head and Kane hefted her into his arms and swept her off to bed.

Then Dex turned back to the computer where he was finishing work from the day.

A few minutes later Kane’s noises returned accompanied by Kane’s heat at Dex’s back–and a sharp chin digging into Dex’s shoulder.

“Whatcha doin’?” Kane’s breath puffed in Dex’s ear with every word, and Dex’s groin ached. Sex. Yeah, they still needed to have it.

“Helping an artist design a logo for us,” Dex said, hitting send on the modifications he’d asked for.

“A logo?”

“Yeah. Like, you know. To sell stuff.”

“Yeah, I know what one is. Why do we need one?”

Dex turned his head to give a quick peck on the cheek, but he had to stop and linger for a moment. Kane’s skin was… uhm….under his tongue, and then Kane turned his head and opened his mouth and the kiss got bigger. 

Dex’s computer pinged right when he was about to shuck Kane’s jeans, right there in the living room, because that marvelous uncut cock would be mouth level as Dex sat in the office chair.

With a grunt, Dex tore himself away and looked to see what the artist had sent back.

“Oh, nice,” he murmured, and Kane nuzzled his ear. Oh… oh man. Dex clenched his stomach and his groin and even his ass against all of the things he wanted to do with Kane right the hell now and grunted to get Kane’s attention. “Look,” he said, and Kane pulled himself away from Dex’s (sensitized, throbbing) ear long enough to grunt back in appreciation.

“Classy,” he begrudged. 

“It should be– it’s the same artist who did the Sinner’s Gin T-shirt you wear all the time.”

Kane preened. “That’s a good T-shirt– can she introduce me to the band?”

Dex eyed him sourly. He suspected Kane had a secret crush on Damien, the lead guitarist. “No,” he said, eyes narrow.

Kane ignored him and traced the stylized lines of the logo. “Too bad–but it’s cool anyway. What’re we gonna do with it.”

“Put it on T-shirts, coffee cups, that sort of thing.”

“So, like, people can see our porn company without knowing it’s a porn company?” Kane asked blankly, and Dex wrinkled his nose.

“Well, it’ll be like a secret club,” Dex said reasonably. “Gay guys can wear it and they’ll be like, ‘s’up’, and–“

“Straight women can wear it and gay guys will know they’re kinky,” Kane chuckled and, well, Dex had slept with those girls too, and there was some truth in that. 

“Or that they’re friendly,” Dex added, because there was more truth there. Real Johnnies girls wouldn’t mind that some of the guys were gay– but they would appreciate the pretty. 

“Yeah, okay, fine,” Kane said. He was rubbing at Dex’s neck with his big, warm hand, and Dex’s whole body was melting and about done with work. “How come it’s got to be a secret? Why don’t we just have a naked guy with a big cock on the front.” Kane chuckled evilly. “Now that would sell some fuckin’ porn!”

“Cause,” Dex purred. Kane’s hands felt so nice on both his shoulders now, that he didn’t want to argue, he just wanted to okay the logo so they could go to the bedroom and have non-camera rockin’ sex. 

“Cause why?” Kane’s hands stopped moving.

“Cause,” Dex let out a breath and sat up straighter. “Cause who’s going on the front? I mean, a year ago you woulda done it, you cocky bastard.”

Kane made a sound of displeasure. “Yeah, but, you know. Kids could see it.” Sudden dawning realization. “Frances could see it! God– you’re not gonna do that are you?”

Dex typed, “Awesome, go with that!” into the computer and then hit send so Rhys would run with that design. Then he stood up and pulled the muscle-bound psycho with the giant freaking heart into his arms. “No, idiot. I’m going to put that on the shirt, and we can wear it, and Frances can see it, and all she’ll know it says is ‘Johnnies’.”

Kane perked up, but then sobered. “You’re going to have to turn the company over to someone else before she know what that means,” he said seriously, and Dex grimaced. Yeah, it had occurred to him too. 

“I’ve got a plan for that,” he said, because he did.

Kane grinned. “Good. Your plans always come through. You know what I’ve got a plan for, Dexter?”

Dex grinned back. “God, I hope it’s us naked!”

“Straight up. You go get ready, I’ll lock up.”

Oh, thank God. Dex tore his T-shirt over his head as he ran, thinking that maybe he and Kane would have to order more than one before he got naked and ceased to think with anything that didn’t want Kane’s skin against his own.

Johnnies T-shirts, on sale now at Cafe Press

Also available– Angst and Pain Dragon T-shirts

And a thousand thanks to Rhys Ford who set the WHOLE DAMNED THING up.

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    Smoooches babe. SO not a problem.

  2. So nice to peek in on those two! Have checked out the store, love the design and will definitely be purchasing something(s)!

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