Need a magnifying glass to find it…

So Mate is on the soccer board, which means that when we have a tournament, Mate has something of a big furry deal.

I, on the other hand, am left to run support, keep the troops fed, make sure everyone is dressed and delivered on time.

I also, uhm, make sure Mate doesn’t yell at the ref, because usually we know that kid’s mother.

Today was a prime example.  I remember this kid– he was a the fresh baby on the soccer team (the newborn) the year before Zoomboy was a fresh baby.  His sister was one of Chicken’s best friends–we’ve been to her house before many times, and this kid and Zoomboy– they used to be inseparable.  (In fact, her home and her daughter’s birthday parties and description of her family in Mexico were all part of my inspiration for Rafael’s home in It’s Not Shakespeare. And her husband is the best of men.)  Besides– like Mate, she’s become a board member.

Anyway, the kid was making some sort of crappy calls, and Mate and his co-coaches were LOSING THEIR MINDS.  (For one thing, we were winning, and that’s just such a rare occurrence in itself… they were terrified of jinxing it!)

And then Mate caught my eye– and I was not happy.

He turned to the parents and said, “Okay, okay, calm down, calm down.”  Then he winked.  “I know that kid’s mother.  She’s going to hear all about it.”  The parents laughed, and sure enough, the kid’s mom heard all about it.

And said, “That’s a horrible call!  I would have yelled at him too!”

So, bad feelings averted.

Anyway– the weekend has been… well… full.

Definitely full.  Some other things of interest?

Zoomboy– on his way out the door the other day said, “Bye, Mom!  Don’t get killed by Tuscan Raiders!”  That kid is going to be damned disappointed when he doesn’t grow up to become Darth Zoomboy.

Zoomboy… I am your mother!

Big T– got sick yesterday.  I think that means that it wasn’t food poisoning– it really was that rare stomach bug.  From Squish to me to Big T.  Lucky Dad & Zoomboy.  Bastards.

Squish– is going to be a Ninja Bunny for Halloween.  In order to facilitate this cutting edge fusion of Ninja and Bunny, we had to buy an adult Bunny costume.  Which means that every time someone comes over, she shows people the Playboy Bunny costume we got for her for Halloween.

Chicken– just texted to tell me that I’m the smart daughter from Modern Family. I hated to break it to her, but honestly?  I’m Phil.  Yes, yes I am.  And poor Mate is Claire.  Poor family.  So sad.  Feel for them.

And Mom?

Mom just finished Shiny! and that’s sort of a big deal.  See, I thought I finished it last week, but it was a novella, at 44K.  And I told Elizabeth, “You know, I think I can make it full length.”

So she put me on the schedule for full length, and now it’s a novel.  And the challenge?  I didn’t put one drop of angst in it.  Not ONE.  Okay, a moment of melancholy– but I swear– it was so FLUFFY!!!  And gorgeous.  I really loved the guys– they were fun to spend time with.  All gentle plot arc– meet, have doubts, fall in love.  The end.  Sorry folks– not twists and turns, just sweet, sweet fluff.

Elizabeth needed some candy, and, well, I’m her friend and that’s what friends do.

And in the meantime?

Well, I told Mary, “You know… I’ve got five possible edits pending– some of them have been delayed for months.  What are the odds I’ll get a whole whack of them before I leave for GRL?”

Now, one of them I finished the day before yesterday, but still.  That’s like, five days before I leave.  And I have two more in my inbox.

So that’s three– who wants to put down money I’ll go for five?

Oh!  And I”m packing swag for GRL.  How much will they charge me for a suitcase that goes over 80lbs.  No, seriously– I really want to know.  My swag case is that heavy, and I have no idea how to get it down.

Anyway– I leave on  Tuesday.  On Wednesday I’ll let you know how that goes!

And I’ll see some of you at GRL– bye!  I’m looking forward to it!

*monster smishes*


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  1. roxie says:

    Could you Fed Ex some of that swag to meet you there? Why should you schlep the poundage when you can hire buff youngsters to do it for you?

    OK, I'm gonna look for your angst-free, fluffy candy story because you write so well. In fact, you write so well that I can't bear your angst. But if you have something sweet and light and happy, I am SO there!!

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