Yeah– Not Surprised

Some things that don’t surprise me– 

*  That the cat NEEDS to sleep IN THE BOX.

*  That my friend Wendy would harass a poor clerk at Chipotle about a bit of unripe avocado until the poor woman offered her free guacamole for her next visit.

*  That Bruce Springsteen’s “Into the Fire” can make even a shitty, cold, busy, sickish sort of day into an inspiration.

*  That my parents are part of an RV community that holds an EXCELLENT Halloween carnival the two weekends before Halloween.

*  That the drive down the Jackson Hwy on Friday was beautiful.

The Drive Down Jackson Hwy.

*  That Zoomboy came in second in a Halloween screaming contest.

*  That the kids had an awesome time at the carnival, even without me.

*  That I may have to postpone the holiday knitting so I can knit a sweater for the dog.

The hat that’s GOING to Kentucky.

*  That I managed to finish a hat for Mary’s daughter that is not heavy enough for the cold Kentucky winters.

Some things that did surprise me that shouldn’t have–

*  That the cat NEEDS to sleep in the box EVERY NIGHT.

*  That my crazy friend Wendy would respond to an offer of free guacamole with “Well, this isn’t even my home store.”

*  That I would need inspiration on a gray, foggy, frickin’ COLD Monday morning.

*  That Squish came in first in a Halloween screaming contest.

*  That I would wish I could stay for the whole Halloween carnival.

The dog, keeping warm.

*  That the dog would find a way to get warm without the hand- knit sweater.

*  That I could also finish a hat for Mary’s daughter that will actually keep her head warm and not allow her to freeze.

Some things that amused the hell out of me, surprise or no–

*  That the cat will leave the box in order to molest me in the bathroom.

I’m not in the bathroom, but the
cat’s in the box.

*  That my story about Wendy and Chipotle was a GRL favorite, and now two-hundred people she will never meet, know her by the name, “Avocado Wendy.”

*  That Pandora understands my Bruce obsession and is now playing “Meet Me at Mary’s Place” in order to facilitate my day.

Squish and Zoomboy,
not practicing for the

*  That when asked if she wanted to practice for the screaming contest, Squish gave a tiny burst of sound.

 Her grandmother said, “No– it needs to be loud for longer.”
She said, “Okay.”

 Grandma said, “Don’t you want to practice some more?”

“No.  I’m good.”

And so she was.

*  That I’m sick, even without going to the Halloween carnival.

The hat NOT going to Kentucky.

*  That the dog is not satisfied with sleeping “In my jacket” but will do a bizarre inverted flop from “between my jacket and shirt” to “between my shirt and my skin”.  Little perv.

*  That knitting continues to be my holy grail in relaxation and part of the reason fall premiere season has been invented.


Hey, folks– just a reminder, I put the Cafe Press link up in the corner of the blog, so you can visit there whenever you have a need for a Johnnies shirt or a dragon.  Also, I’m thinking of holding a monthly contest for Amy Lane quotes that should go on shirts in the store.  If you have an idea for one, post it in the comments at any time, and I’ll try to include that in the voting.


0 thoughts on “Yeah– Not Surprised”

  1. 1. Avocado Wendy is the greatest woman ever. I would also complain about the unripe avocado. Because that shit ain't cool.

    2.I want to list all the quotes in all the land. But I'll just choose this one because I personally think it would make a great t-shirt. Or coffee mug (ahem).

    "Sometimes you can't win unless you lay your cards on the table." Quent in Gambling Men


  2. Unknown says:

    There are many things I will think when I think of Wendy…

    Anyway…one of the less depressing/deep/heartfelt quotes I'd pick from your stuff:

    "All you need to do is be human back."

    "But maybe that’s what growing up gets you. You get better. You stop waiting for the bad stuff to happen and maybe enjoy the good, you know?"

    and one to confuse anyone not in the know..
    “The scarf could go on and on and on and on, and it could be the harlot-red banner of shame that wrapped him up and kept him warm when the nights grew lonely and cold.”

    and I swear I'm going to stop…
    “You do like me, don’t you? Even though I’m apparently communicatively handicapped and socially retarded?”

  3. Anonymous says:

    I survived the Alpaca Rollercoaster.

  4. …I kind of wish there were a little stuffed dragon. I have a feeling it would be good to snuggle with, for some reason…

    (headachey, & ready for bed, but I *just* pulled a pumpkin cheesecake out of the oven & it needs to cool some so it can go in the fridge before I'm allowed to go to bed. *pout*)

  5. Keela_1221 says:

    I can't think of any quotes, but I'm really excited about your store and the quotes. Thank you.

  6. Vix says:

    okay so I have too many faves really but having just re-read Clear Water here's my 3 from that one.

    1) God.Jesus.Goddess.Holy Ned,life partner to Geoff, God of biscuits.
    (not the whole sentence or paragraph but my favorite bit)
    1a)(man,he was a man,thank Ned he was a man!
    2)are there frogs in stars?

    Just started Wounded for the 20th or so time so there's sure to be more I'd like to add.

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