Sun Spots

Okay– first of all, I looked up “sun spots” to see if I could get a shareable picture for you, and this totally awesome swatch of a Barbara Walker pattern came up, and I HAD to post it.  So, uhm, on to Sunspots!

The school grind has started.  It’s a very different school grind than when I started to blog–the two little kids are in school and the big kids aren’t (so, like total reversal!) and I’m not in the grind so much as I FACILITATE the grind, but, well, we’ve got our routine, and our soccer, dance, gymnastics and we’re happy about it.  However, in the middle of all this routine, we’ve got a few odd moments, and that’s what I’m-a-gonna-share.

THING THE FIRST:  Accidentally dirty things that have been said recently.

*  “Mom!  Look at this REALLY LONG banana!”  (Big T.  In his defense, it was a prime example of phallic shaped yellow tropical fruit.)

*   “Granola bars would be okay if it wasn’t for the nut fat.”  (Me.  And, again, in my defense, just look at the calories on the back of the box of granola bars!  *shudder*)

*  “Cody has been bagging snakes from a very young age.”  (Chicken.  She has no defense– she heard this on The Discovery Channel and has been saying it CONSTANTLY, and every time she says it, I say, “It’s loooonnnnnneeely in the desert!”)

*  “It’s been SOO long since I’ve played Go Fish!”  (This was my Mother in Law, and in her defense, she’s never read Gambling Men, and has no idea how dirty Go Fish can really get when one of the player has the draw player some place unexpected.)

THING THE SECOND: More adventures in ordering swag.  


Seriously.  Stickers.  I’m psyched– and there’s three other book covers, too!

THING THE THIRD:  What not to say to your husband when he’s just faced his toughest opponent of the soccer year, and they have served his teams collective ass to him, rare.  

“So, uhm, do you get to keep the platter, or do we need to wash it and give it back?”  

THING THE FOURTH:  Zoomboy’s new obsessions

* Vomit (And talking about it while we’re eating.)

*  Dancing (and how he likes it and doesn’t want anyone else on the planet to know he does it.)

* Diary of a Wimpy Kid (both movies AND books)

*  Reading in general (I didn’t say they were all BAD things!)

*  How to Train Your Dragon: Dragon Riders of Burke (New cartoon!)

*  For the record, on top of all of this, primates, angry birds, snakes, the Nature Channel, irritating his little sister, Mythbusters, How It’s Made,  playing with his stuffed animals (mostly primates), telling punny jokes, and sitting on mom’s lap are all still a go.

THING THE FIFTH:  Chicken’s Tumblr

Well, she does need to update it again, but I thought I should point out that it IS STILL FUNNY.

THING THE SIXTH:  My mother-in-law showed up for soccer unexpectedly this morning.  

For the record, it was lovely to see her.  Also for the record, I owe the teenagers something really special, because they got my panicked text of GRANDMA’S COMING OVER CLEAN HOUSE NOW, GODDAMMIT NOW!!! in perfect form.  I was very proud, although I haven’t gone to visit the bathroom because I want to stay that way.  

THING THE SEVENTH:  An app for GRL to tell me what’s scheduled and what I’m doing there when the time comes.

Again, for the record, I was so relieved to hear that such a thing exists.  Why?  Because it looks like I’m going to be overbooked, and I’m now TERRIFIED of missing anything I’ve signed up for.  For those of you coming to Albuquerque please forgive my perpetual look of a stoned (and FAT) long-haired ginger cat.  My eyes may be crossed and I may be turning around in circles trying to find my tail, but I assure you, I’ll be happy to be there!


0 thoughts on “Sun Spots”

  1. Barb says:

    Love the things you write!

  2. roxie says:

    Thing the 9th, repeat#8. Heaven knows you need it.

    I thought I had a dirty mind,but you guys -"Cody has been bagging snakes. . ." ???

    Zoomboy in dance class? YES! I can totally see it! Luck and joy to him!

    When does Chicken start college?

    Hooray, hooray for the upcoming conference! You are going to have such a fabulous time!

  3. DecRainK says:

    Have fun!!!

    btw, LOVE Chicken's blog

  4. We usually nap on Saturday because we're off to see stars that night.

  5. Donna Lee says:

    There are days when I miss the joyous chaos that is having smallish children in activities (that of course all happen at the same time). But those days are few and far between! The kids grow up so fast and suddenly, they're out the door with a "bye Mom" and poof you're in a quiet house.

    I hope this doesn't sound melancholy because it isn't. That quiet house? It's wonderful because I know the kids are out there living lives of their own choosing.

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