Mom Logic

“I do not understand my mom,
Why is that, you suppose?
I ask her if we can go out to eat,
and she says, “I like your clothes.”

My brother asked her for a car,
She said, “I like your smile.”
He said, “I do to, and thank you, mom,”
And that’s all they said for a while.

My sister said “More dvd’s!”
And Mommy said, “More fruit!”
My little sister wanted a stuffed animal
And mom said, “They’re sort of moot.”

I said, “What about my bunk bed!”
Mom said, “In the dog’s ear!”
I’d look in there but they’re infected,
So I’ll wait until they’re clear.

So today I asked her if
We could vacation in the south,
She said “I’d love to, honey–
But Disneyand’s kitty’s mouth!”

I bet it isn’t in there–
At least not for me to see!
But when he gets back from the vet
Maybe he’ll lick some Disneyland on me.

So I do not get my mom at all,
But she’s right about one thing.
Money doesn’t grow on trees,
even if it’s green.”

Love, Zoomboy.

0 thoughts on “Mom Logic”

  1. roxie says:

    Better than that Dickinson chick's poems! Bummer about the critters, though.

  2. Chris says:

    Oh, nicely done, Zoomboy!

  3. DecRainK says:

    That's stinking cute

  4. Louiz says:

    Very nice! Hope the animals are all better now.

  5. Zoomboy is pretty clever.

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