The Parade of Weird

First of all, a couple of pictures to show that the babies are growing just fine, and that I have yet to off Mate as part of an elaborate insurance scam. Plus, the kids are just damned cute.

And speaking of Mate–

Yesterday was our 19th wedding anniversary. No, I didn’t forget–I’d just done a couple of emotionally heavy post, and I was pretty happy to just take the day as it came. We actually did nothing and gifted nothing–mostly because we wanted to save the $$$ for a time when we could be w/out kids and we didn’t have work and softball and grocery shopping etc.–but we did say Happy Anniversary, and I did get him a card. But really, what do you give for the 19th wedding anniversary–1st is paper, 25th is silver, what’s in between? I asked Mate and he said “fist bump” so pretty much we went with that.

And other than that? Well, report cards came today–Chicken is holding a 3.5, and Big T passed 4 out of 6 ‘healthy milestones’ for P.E. All things considered (including the family fat) I’d say that’s no small thing. (And neither is he, at 6′ 3″ and 310 lbs.) We finally got him a pair of sunglasses as a gift for his black belt, and today on his way out to mow the lawn he stopped, turned around, and bumped them up his nose ala Tom Cruise in Top Gun. He was so damned cute I almost cried.

And on the knitting front–well, I’d planned to do a parade of socks (as opposed to a parade of weirdness) to showcase the many flavors of sock I’m tasting at the moment. All I ended up doing was the brown/tan/black/cobalt Opal that I’m going to do a basic vanilla with. I actually have someone in mind for these–she’s an e-buddy and a blog-lurker so I’m hoping she’ll give me a buzz and let me know if she likes this color (as craptacular as the picture is) or if she’d rather have the ‘African Gray’ in Louet Sales that I’m doing the ‘Sproing’ socks with (you know, from the new Knitty?) I really love the African Gray color–it’s this combo of pewter/orange/violet/brown that sounds really barftastic but is, in fact, gorgeous. I especially love the fact that it’s not ‘Norwegian Blue’ because everybody knows that parrot is stone dead! (hee hee hee…must love the classics…)

And other than that? I NEED TO WORK ON THE BOOK. It’s killing me. I need to–I’m just enjoying the knitting and the vegging with the kids too much… I need to desert the family in the PM and get my shit in action. Besides…I’m on the downhill slope. It’s not even work anymore!!!

And that’s about it… I really enjoyed seeing what everybody’s reading with the meme yesterday–even if there were legal manuals and history texts–just proves the power of the written word, as well as its versatility, write? I mean right? (hee hee hee…I must be drunk on vacation…)


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  1. Galad says:

    That Norwegian Blue isn’t dead he’s just sleeping (even though his feet are nailed to the perch). I embarrassed my daughter-in-law to death by providing son with a dead parrot t-shirt that he wore everywhere. Our kids cut their teeth on Monty Python, Dr. Demento, Tom Lehrer and other oddities. I believe it made them well rounded 🙂

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your time off already and had the non-traditional 19th anniversary celebration. Congratulations on making it to 19 years and still being in love!

  2. gemma says:

    *pursing lips* blurrrrt!! on ladybug’s belly. Cutest kids on the planet (since mine are grown up)
    hugs and best wishes for the anniversary.

  3. Cute kids. They grow so fast.

    Happy 19. Only 61 more to go.

  4. roxie says:

    You make me laugh out loud. I told DH your farting dog story while we were hot-tubbing at the gym. This led us on to other flatulent humor, and the nice Asian man who was sharing the tub with us laughed out loud. Two women got up and left us to our bubbles. Heehee!

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