Because You All Asked Nicely

Here it is–in crappy color because I couldn’t find the camera (sorry!) but the ass-kicking-nightmare in pink! (Heretofore known as ‘the Valentine Sweater).

And now, here’s one with her brother in the foreground, so you can get that whole ‘drunken leprechaun’ thing going on at our house at any given time:

The yarn is Paton’s Encore– Petal Pink and Lilac (I have no idea-that’s just the colors I think of when I see them) and the pattern is pulled out of my generously sized wazoo. I was aiming for one of those empire-waisted cardigans I’ve seen in the yarn stores and Target–looking a little closer, I realize I needed a shaped yoke to get this to hang open beguilingly and still cling to the back, but she seems to like it. I WISH I could get my shit together button hole wise–I can NEVER seem to measure an appropriate distance between buttons–and it doesn’t matter which comes first, the button or the hole. Ah, well, c’est lavie– the thing, she is done, and Squish seems to like it!

I took her to class by the way–her babysitter had today off when the school district took some random Monday three weeks ago–and I’ve got to say she was the most popular student since Chicken. (Chicken came with me twice last week. Once, she earned the Wrath of Mother by answering a question for a candy-quiz review. In the spirit of family relationships, I chucked a chocolate at her HARD–missing on purpose, of course–and earned the respect and admiration of both my students and her friends. Life is weird. A book in two months? Meh. Chucking chocolate at Chicken? An ‘A+’ in everything–including alliteration!)

Anyway, the students all ‘ooohed’ over Squish, and it’s harder for them to hate me when they adore her, so that’s always nice. And this week’s Squish-ism? You’ve all heard me complain about the rabid squirrel that lives on my head and needs to be tamed before I venture into public, right?

Well, apparently, so has Squish.

“Mama–I combed my hair. See? No squirrel. And no hamster, either!”

0 thoughts on “Because You All Asked Nicely”

  1. Very nice sweater! She looks very happy in it.

  2. Louiz says:

    Lovely cardigan, lovely squishy and Chicken, lovely leprachauns… and lovely combing:)

  3. Tanner says:

    No squirrels, no hampsters, look out for the ferrets!

  4. Chris says:

    Ok, that last picture? LMAO! Crazy kidlets!

  5. DecRainK says:

    Love the sweater ,it looks awesome.

    LMAO @Tanner

  6. Donna Lee says:

    The sweater suits her perfectly. And it looks like she'll have room to grow into it so she'll wear it for a while.
    Go you for making up a pattern!

  7. roxie says:

    We lurves it, we does! S'PINK an Purkle annit haza hoodie!Lucky, lucky Squish!

    Drunken leprechauns? Man, do you guys know how to party or what?

    Chuckin' chocolates at your chicken? Yeah, you DO know how to party down!

    I got the book! I got the book! And the fabrics rock! What lovely seams you have sewn! Pretty, pretty quilt-to-be. Thank you, thankou, thank you!!

  8. Galad says:

    A great Squish sweater – she looks so proud!

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