Bullet points…

* Supernatural rocked tonight. Just saying. Poor Dean…. be still my beating heart.

* I took a crappy two hour nap on the chair this afternoon. The kids are getting WAY too big to sit on me when i do this. Too many elbows and knees for anybody’s comfort.

* I’m almost done with the ass-kicking nightmare in pink. Need to decide if it needs a hood. I think Squish would like a hood, don’t you?

* I don’t have a project for the Knitting Olympics. This really depresses me. Maybe I should just say “I’ll finish three WIPs” and make that my goal.

* Dragon is still riding my back and gnawing at my flesh with sharp pointy teeth. Fucker.

* Needletart, I loves you sweetheart… you keep on correcting bad scholarship. I’m still using the story though, with a qualifier. It just works too well and teaches too much in my neck of the woods to forsake it now.

* Knittech’s blessed husband keeps sending me happy news about my yummy yummy hot guys… Jensen Ackles as Captain America? Be still my beating heart! Another season of SPN? *WOOT!*

* I even named one of my main character’s cats after Jensen… you know, if that cat’s gonna sleep with you anyway…

* Making Promises is cruising right along. It’s in a place where, if someone were to give me a bag of carrots, an unlimited soda refill, and 24 hours in my own head, I’d wake up with the story done, a complete hangover, and no idea where this completely unrelated but brilliant short story on my laptop came from.

Alas, they don’t have writing bars in this world.

* I wonder–if I lived in the land of famine, would I eat myself to death or write until I starved? For those of you who saw SPN, it’s always a good question…

* Oh yeah… I may have an agent for the LG books and Bitter Moon. I’ll let you all know if I sign!

* Tired now. Going to sleep. Three day weekend ensuing at the end of the day tomorrow!

* Those of you in Pigsbird and points East? STAY WARM, DAMMIT!

Take care–


0 thoughts on “Bullet points…”

  1. Julie says:

    Can't wait to see the nightmare in pink. Take lots of photos.

    At the moment I'm running fever, so I'm all toasty warm.

    Word verif: Hearic. "Alas, poor Hearic. I knew him, Yoratio."

  2. Chris says:

    *is jealous of Amy's three-day weekend but is trying not to be bitter*

    I bet Squish would LOVE a hood. Plus it'll be really cute.

    I'm not even thinking about doing the Knitting Olympics. Possibly I'm still too bitter about shrinking the gorgeous sweater I knit in the last Knitting Olympics. BUT – I think the finishing WIP idea is brilliant. Heck, there's probably even a team for that.

  3. Louiz says:

    Woo! Agent! Whether or not you sign, that's still a good thing:)

    and yeah, Pigsburg and points east – does that include England? It's *extremely* cold here too!

  4. roxie says:

    Squish needs a hood.

    You are supposed to ride the dragon – not the other way round.

    Agent? Agent? Wahh and may I add, HOOO!

    Knitting olympics? What, you don't have enough to do? You have to Create a source of stress?

    Amy's gettin' an agent! WHEEE!

  5. Donna Lee says:

    Absolutely she would love a hood. It seems most kids do (although I don't know why).

    we wouldn't let you starve. i'm sure we could set you up with one of those iv drips with a day's full of nutrition in them. You'd still get hungry but your body could go on and on and on….

  6. NeedleTart says:

    Something about the East. I am currently waiting for the Antibiotic delivery man.
    Squish neeeeedddsss a hooooddddd, Mama!
    Teaching honor is satisfied with a disclaimer.
    Good luck with the agent. Canyagivmeahallalujah!!

  7. DecRainK says:

    Squish definitely needs a hood. Cant wait to see the Nightmare in Pink.

    A possible agent? Woohoo for you!


  8. Hoods are overrated. She needs a hat!

    And I'm not sure if he's going to be Captain America or not, but I'd go see it if he was…

  9. Galad says:

    Nightmare in pink needs a hood I'm thinkin.

    Fingers crossed the agent works out then we can all celebrate.

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