sawmees and goats

on February 8, 2010

Okay– so I whined a bit about being in a piss-bitchy mood yesterday and then went back to write. I woke up this morning, and it hit me like a big scaly monster with wings: I’ve been riding the goddamned dragon. No WONDER I’m sleep deprived. No WONDER I’m punky. I’m writing–my brain is in… Read More


on February 6, 2010

Okay–took Chicken in to the doctors to get a skin tag removed–the tank on the Liquid Nitrogen tank leaked, and she ended up with a three by two burn blister on her neck. The doctor was hella embarrassed, but I kept asking Chicken, “Why didn’t you SAY anything?” “I don’t know. It just felt a… Read More

Fun small stuff…

on February 4, 2010

Okay– first of all, I took the kids to the doctor’s today, just to make sure they were all growing fine. They were, although the doctor told me delicately that Squish couldn’t get much squishier or that would be a wee bit dangerous, and I said, “Fine, no more cookies!” and Squish said, “But I… Read More


on February 2, 2010

* Okay, the other night, I was wearing one of my Little Goddess promotional T-shirts, and we learned how well Zoomboy can read. “Ba-ack… back oooffff. Th…the man go-ds arrrrrrrrrrre miiiinnne. Cause there’s an e on the end, right? So your T-shirt says, Back Off. The man-gods are mine! Is that right mom? I read… Read More