Fun small stuff…

Okay– first of all, I took the kids to the doctor’s today, just to make sure they were all growing fine. They were, although the doctor told me delicately that Squish couldn’t get much squishier or that would be a wee bit dangerous, and I said, “Fine, no more cookies!” and Squish said, “But I LIKE cookies. I WANT cookies. Don’t tell me no more cookies!” and then we had a serious discussion about how hella bright she is and whether or not a preschool would be a good idea in spite of the fact that she wasn’t going to be ready for Kindergarten for a whole other year.

“She’s three, you say?”


“Yeah. Well. You’re going to want to do something with that.”

Besides ship it off in a packing crate to gypsies when it tries to boss me around? Oh yeah. I’ll get right on it!

Anyway, a couple of good book days for me, starting with this (erm, SQUEEE!) which was also posted here, which was a fun thing too!!!

So that’s pretty exciting! Rampant is up to nine reviews, and every one of them is from the heart and SO SO SO SO SO very appreciated! I’m so happy that people seem to be embracing the direction the series is going. Now I’m REALLY going to be thinking about the next one–I want it to live up to expectations. (Uhm, we sensing a theme here? Anyone?)

I was also pretty excited to find out that one of my DSP colleagues, Mary Calmes had read the Little Goddess series, and I had a serious little *swoon* from excitement. I mean, uhm, COOL!

And I thought this was pretty cool. This is Chris. Chris likes knitting, cats, and (get this!) M/M literature! OMG OMG OMG–it’s like a miraculous trifecta, and I’m so happy that Chris stumbled over me! Her two cats, Chaos and Mayhem (Roxie, Julie, Saren, I am aware those names will just totally tickle you all!) figure prominently in her blog–and I didn’t scare her away when I told her the story of the cat violating my poor skein of Hermione–I think she’s a keeper! (Okay–I may have scared her a little. But she was very stalwart:-)

And other than that? We’ll see. I left my kids w/a sub yesterday. If I have any candy in my drawer and if my room is still standing, I’m gonna call this a win!!!

*whistles* Off to read blogs and (if time allows) watch the episode of Supernatural the damned television didn’t let me watch last week. (##$%^^ satellite… oughta be a law!) Saren, if you’re watching, you can tell Mike thanks, but he can take it down now!!!!

*happy sigh* And more yummy yummy hot guys tomorrow. Life IS good!

0 thoughts on “Fun small stuff…”

  1. Donna Lee says:

    Smart kids are such a challenge. I hope I'll be too old to care when she takes over the world.

  2. Chris says:

    *blushing* Aw, thanks, Amy! 🙂

    Have you made it through the complete (so far) misadventures of Candy Cane Guy? "Misadventures" or "Candy Cane Guy" in the tag cloud will get you there. O_O

  3. roxie says:

    Squeeee indeed! Way cool!

    Squish is surely her mother's child. Intelligent, articulate, and strong-willed. You have my profoundest sympathy. She's gonna be an awesome adult, and hell on wheels as a teen.

  4. DecRainK says:

    I hope your classroom is still standing 🙂

    Squish is freaking adorable

  5. Galad says:

    I think Roxie nailed it on Squish! Got to keep her stimulated so let preschool try to stay ahead of her for a while 🙂

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