Filking Internet…

Oh give me blog lots of blog with my options all above…
Don’t net me in.
Give me blog lots of blog chatting w/people that I love…
Don’t net me in.
You can meet knitters all on twitter and their tweets are sort of neat
And buy vegetables on Facebook with pictures that are sweet
But for networking my people whom I really want to meet…
Don’t net me in.

Oh give me blog lots of blog with pictures I can post…
Don’t net me in.
Give me blog lots of blog, that’s where you’ll find me most.
Don’t net me in.
There’s yahoo groups that come in troops with e-mail piled high
And forums where there’s quorums and there’s troll shit to the sky.
There’s Live journal and my space where the chatter can all lie…
Don’t net me in.

Oh give me blog lots of blog where I can prattle for all night!
Don’t net me in.
Give me blog lots of blog, even when I am not right!
Don’t net me in!
I can chatter on the Google chat and that’s lots of fun for me
But when I’m really clever only Little Witch can see!
For sexy tips and chatty quips there’s my group with DSP
But the group of peeps who never sleep and love the real me
Give me blog, my dear blog, I’ve missed the way you make me feel free!


And, in other news, I have a new mouse. It squeaks and it has no balls, and, most frightening of all, it has no tether to the computer. (You all thought it was a power cord–I know better. It was too keep that little bastard from running away.) But then, I guess if the little guy has no balls, he’s not going to have the urge to wander, is he?

That’s the idea, anyway!

Off to Ikea to buy a bunk bed now. Because, you know–MY LIFE IS THAT RANDOM!

And I hope to be back tomorrow. When I’ve had some rest. And I’m sort of sane. Because, you know–that would be a change!

0 thoughts on “Filking Internet…”

  1. roxie says:

    Hope you have claimed the top bunk already. Too bad for Mate.

    Love your filking around!

  2. Chris says:

    I covered my eyes until I was past the filk. The odds of resisting two in a row weren't good…

    Um, maybe the no tether is to make it easier to throw it against the wall without taking the computer with it when the damned SQUEAK drives you nuts? Out, damned squeak, out!

  3. Laurel says:

    Loved the filk! I guess Amazon doesn't appreciate sh*t, huh? Too bad! I hope everyone over there checks it out!

  4. A cordless mouse makes it easier to lose, especially with all the help you have at your house.

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