That Sort of Day…

So, it’s been that sort of day…

… the sort of day in which two orders at KFC result in three sodas, neither of them the diet pepsi your friend asked for when we sat at the speaker.

…the sort of day in which you realize your love/hate attachment to the Conjuring movies stems from the fact that “omigod I lived in houses JUST LIKE THAT in the seventies!!!!”

…the sort of day in which you spend all your writing time doing Avengers Swag Assemble with Berry Jello and then wonder why there’s no writing done.

…the sort of day in which your daughter has the following conversation with you over the misassembled KFC order:

“Mom, are there any spoons for the mashed potatoes?”

“No–here’s some Wheat Thins–use one as a scoop!”

“EEWWWW!! No, I’m gonna use a chicken bone because I’ve got CLASS!”

…the sort of day in which you are jerked from deep within the deep psychological morass of editing by your son, who asks, “Do you know why there are symbiotes?”

“Uh…. in which universe?”

“Marvel. Like Venom and Carnage and–wait. This is one of those times, right? When you were somewhere completely different and I asked you something totally random?”



And then he leaves and you have no idea why there were Spiderman symbiotes in the Marvel universe.

…the sort of day in which you post on Social Media that you’re going send boxes to Pennsylvania, join them in Delaware, and get driven to Virginia only to have your husband say, “You’re not flying to Delaware.”

And you realize you’ve just confused Baltimore with Delaware in front of a whole bunch of people and one of them is a city and one of them is a state and who cares, you’re an idiot it’s time for bed.

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