All Hail the Victory Poop!

Short blog tonight!

I finished String Boys–it was 122k, so not short– and I will probably submit it tomorrow, but for tonight, I just stood up and wiggled, trying to get the feeling back in my ass.

Squish said, “So, are you going to take a nice victory poop?”

I was like, “I’m sorry?”

“Some people pop the cork on champagne. You either go for the Dulcolax or the Advil. So what’s it gonna be? A nice victory poop, or a victory headache instead?”

“Chocolate! And Advil. But first I have to go to the bathroom.”

I got back a minute later, and she was like, “Too short for a victory poop–must have been a victory pee! Go mom! Way to celebrate!”

So I posted on Twitter about dancing, crying, and eating chocolate in the middle of my living room.

That was the plan, I swear, but I think Squish was right.

It’s gonna be Advil and Dulcolax, and knitting.

And some crying.

And a little bit of dancing.

And hopefully tomorrow, we can all hail the nice victory poop.

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