I’m home– and there’s a new release out!

So, super quick–Hiding the Moon is out, and reading reviews is sort of funny. Some people are like, “Totally functions alone–but you definitely want to read all the other books first!” Some people are like, “DEFINITELY read the other books first!”

I’m like, “Whatever makes you happy–but I was hoping Burton and Ernie could function as their own couple, like the other guys were just really interesting background…”  But I guess that’s the difficulty of writing deep world stuff like that.

It’s a crapshoot.

Anyway–it’s available AT AMAZON and AT DREAMSPINNER and I hope you love it 🙂

Also I’m home.

And that’s pretty cool.

The dogs have been just insane psycho mutts since I got home.  Like jumping up and head butting me when I’m not paying enough attention. God knows, I love the little goobers, but the headbutts I could live without.

Squish has given me lots of hugs, and so has ZoomBoy. Tonight we talked about why revolutions don’t just stop when it’s time to stop, why they always go too far, and also why consanguinity helped destroy the European royal family in the early 20th century, and also Eddie Izzard.

Chicken stopped by at nap time (because of course she did) and we chatted about Halloween and plot bunnies and why she wasn’t giving back the potato chip/onion dip crunch I’d given her to taste. (You take the last crumbs of potato chips from the bag, mix them with a couple of spoonfuls of onion dip, and eat them like potatoes. I’d be ashamed of doing this, but I never end up eating all of it. Ever.)

And Mate did a week’s worth of dishes tonight, just to make me happy.

So yes. I’ve been missed. Now, if I could only catch up on my sleep.

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