10 New Things I Did Not Know

1.  I actually got a good deal on a cab from O’Hare– I am shocked, I tell you, shocked, because usually I am the last person to get a bargain.  American Taxi, people, it’s a good thing.

2.  It’s hard to pick who you want to go eat with when your choices are so varied and SO AWESOME!  Among others in this pic are RJ Scott, Erika Orrick, Nicole Dennis, Amber Kell, Stephanie Hecht and MC Houle!  DUDES!

3.  It’s also hard when you see the table next to you is filled with equally awesome and amazing people!  (Okay– I’m embarrassed– I can name some of these people, but my eyes aren’t good enough to make out everyone in the picture.  I knew everyone when I took the picture, can that be good enough!)

4.  Banks who freak out because suddenly your credit card is being used 2000 miles away, do not make things easy.

5.  When you give Rowan McAlister $20 to buy you diet coke and chocolate, she gets you diet coke and CHOCOLATE, and you may have to depend upon the kindness of friends to help you make it through!

6.  A hotel built in hexagons is a great concept, and it looks pretty, but apparently I’m not made to fit into the hive mind, because I have spent the last two days lost as holy fuck.

7.  You know it’s a long hike to the conference center when the concierge overhears you telling a friend that it’s “hella fuckin’ far” and the guy laughs and says, “You’re being kind.”

8.  I cannot follow a schedule without Mary.  I thought i could, but apparently when I’m not the only one involved on the schedule, cause I’m trying to make my friends’ events too, I need help.  Just do.

9.  Americans have such a heinous reputation as bad eaters that the nice man from Sweden who runs his own publishing company (of which he’s the only writer atm) brought apples as swag.  They’re big, shiny apples– I bet he’s everybody’s best friend tomorrow.  (Hans was lovely to talk to, as well!)

10.  Nothing can spice up an already wonderful day like a really awesome mention in a lovely and articulate article!

11.  (Because I can’t count)  Apparently waking up early countermands that whole time differentiation thing, because one o’clock Chicago time feels exactly like one o’clock California time.  I don’ know why– but it’s true, which is why I keep nodding off!


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