10 or 11 things

1.  In an effort to assuage a friends driving need to kill something (metaphorically– she’s really very gentle) I solicited homicidal kitteh memes.  The results are here for you to see.

2.  I have fallen irrevocably in love with this song and this artist.  Don’t hate.  She’ll have you under her power in a few moments.

3.  Had to take Squish to the grocery store tonight after dance lessons.  She executed pirouettes, chausses, and buffaloes (as in “shuffle off to…”) in the grocery aisle.  I was reminded of the magic of seven.

4.  Tonight, she was dancing in the kitchen.  She asked me “for a beat” so I put in Newsies, and Squish, her father, and I all jammed to “King of New York”– time well spent.

5.  I published a brief essay on world building on my regular website.  It’s funny.  I hope.

6.  Chicken and I had the following conversation, via text.  I had just sent her a lovely picture of what I thought was two young men kissing.  Now, I happen to know that one of these young men is a model crush of Chickens.  He has very distinctive tattoos.  I also happen to know he’s a PORN MODEL– but Chicken has only seen him in stills. So, I thought, “Her crush, kissing.  She’ll like it.”

I sent.

Chicken:  Pretty

Me:  Right?

(half an hour later) Chicken:  OMG–MOM!  That one guy is bent in HALF!

Me:  Oh for sweet fucks sake– DID I SEND YOU PORN?

Chicken:  Again.

Me:  I didn’t see it!

Chicken:  *pets*  I know.

Me:  I just don’t see the porn for the pretty.

Chicken:  You never do.

7.  Three objects:  Zoomboy, a chimpanzee mask, bananas.

Use your imagination.  There was banana gun carnage all over the place.

8.  This is pretty damned cool, actually.

The cover model for Country Mouse and City Mouse– “Owen”, contacted me on Facebook.  His name is Bretton Himes-Downey–and he was thrilled to see his picture on the cover of a book.  He was so excited, he ordered a copy of the book– and now Aleks and I are chewing our nails.  Please, let him like it!!!  

And to make matters even moar fun, his boyfriend is a photographer– and I passed the link to Jonathan Downey’s website on to Paul Richmond, the art director for Dreamspinner, and hopefully some serendipity happened, and maybe some art hookups with a fresh new eye!  I’m all excited– I hope it’s all good and they like the book and the contract comes to be, because I’m just tickled that a cover model contacted me.  You have to understand– we ask ourselves all the time:  Would the cover model mind being on the cover of one of my books?

This one didn’t.  I’m really thrilled.

9.  I got out of the gym today and my tire was flat.  So Mate turned into SuperMate and drove out, changed the tire, and followed me to the tire store to make sure the spare didn’t give out.  I got the tire repaired, then left the tire store and went to pick up the kids, depressed because I’d been planning to go grocery shopping and edit some Ethan between the gym and the picking up of kids, and when I got home, Mate was already there, working, because he had to take Zoomboy to soccer pictures early today.

Later, after I’d taken Squish to dance lessons, and then to the grocery store, and then we’d eaten dinner and danced in the living room, I had a quiet moment to ask him, “So, did you rescue any more damsels in distress?  Maim Snidely Whiplash?  Fight your way through a dragon filled sky, with virgins thin on the ground?”

He looked at me like I was insane. But then, we’d sort of both had a day!

10.  After getting the kids and before dance lessons and soccer, I had a chance to sign a contract for Dawson’s story– now known as Behind the Curtain (previously titled Dance Moves.)  This story was… special.  I’ll tell you all about it when I come up from air.

11.  OH yeah…

 Ethan’s up for presale.

Oh– and this last thing?

I don’t know– it’s sort of NSFW– but Chicken sent it to me.  I guess she felt like she owed me for sending her porn.

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  1. roxie says:

    Family dance time! That Squish is a party animal!!

    Do not hit each other with dildos. Obviously not a serious porn store. More of a frat-boy, frivolous shop.

    Other words to live by, said to a friend recently: "Grandma, you shouldn't wear high-heels on your motorcycle."

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