Can’t talk, gotta edit…

on July 14, 2008

Boy, I’m obsessed. I was going to send the whole massive kerfluffle to Eric and then enjoy my time without the book on my lap…but I couldn’t. I needed a read through first, so Eric is going to have to wait. (Sorry, brother…but I hope it will be worth it…) But I didn’t realize how… Read More

Celebrational Quickie

on July 12, 2008

What are we celebrating? Well, first, the forum troll seems to have wandered off–and thank you all for your support and good wishes. For those of you who wanted to do something–mostly, (and only if you have time), make your vote count. If you have an account, go in to my page (or C.S…. Read More

I didn’t do it this time, I swear!

on July 11, 2008

Okay–I”ll blog about it. I’ve been hit. A forum troll on found my book pages and started posting false reviews–and, even worse (because the review was an obvious personal attack–and obviously fabricated!) started voting down all of the legitimate reviews for my books using different identities. Enough negative reviews, and those good reviews go… Read More

Bon Voyage, Chicken

on July 10, 2008

Well, there were many happy adventures in San Francisco, but the result was the same. Mama’s little Chicken is off and flying–as of last text message she was in L.A., and tomorrow (or Friday the 11th because of the whole dateline thing…) she’ll be in Australia. I’m actually pretty sanguine about it–but I did tear… Read More

*&^%ing Happy Meal Toy…

on July 7, 2008

The Cave Troll was unhappy. When the Cave Troll is unhappy, he does what many of us do–he blames the whole fucking miserable world for his unhappiness. “Mom…you lost my transformer!!!” “That’s right kid. I stole your transformer and lost it. I’m mean that way.” (Because sarcasm goes over well with the pre-school crowd, right?)… Read More

No…how much DOES my housework suck?

on July 5, 2008

I was in the kitchen, writing, when the Cave Troll came running in all upset–“Mama, mama, SPIDERS. SPIDERS.” I trot into the living room, ready to vanquish an evil dust-bunny or a daddy-longlegs or something, but I can’t see what’s blowing his little mind. “Mate? Mate–do you see spiders?” “Oh yeah–they’re all over there–by your… Read More

We got to blow stuff up…

on July 5, 2008

For my family, that’s basically what it boils down to: Mom cooks (hamburgers & sausages on the grill) and we get to blow stuff up. And of course, there’s the movie marathon of summer blockbusters–Men in Black, ID4, Die Hard 4–I wish we were better people than that–picnics on the lake, that sort of thing,… Read More


on July 2, 2008

If the picture loads, it’s going to be an example of what happens when your four year old goes scouring the house for something to occupy his time. And then tries to turn his sister into a mouse. Other than that–I spent yesterday being an absolute picture of a banana squash in motion. It wasn’t… Read More