5 Things

So, Wednesday night, when the day has been sort of a blur, and even if I have done anything really interesting, my brain is Kindergarten paste and I can’t think through it.

And trust me. I haven’t done anything interesting.

So, I”m going to do a 5 Things blog and call it a night.

Thing 1: Come vote for my cover HERE at the Emerald City Writer’s Conference.   It’s a Reese Dante cover, and she does such wonderful work– I would love the world to see her genius!

Thing 2: A lot of people loved Gus from yesterday’s blog post. *laughs quietly to self*  Someday soon, I need to post about Juni.

Think 3: I am still working on the uglier than sin shawl. *happy giggle* I adore it so.

Thing 4: Ted Cruz’s Twitter account got caught looking at porn. Now, I don’t care if he actuallylooked at porn and liked it or DIDN’T look at porn and like it. I don’t care if masturbating weasels sneak into his room every night and leave weasel jizz on his computer. All I care about–all I REALLY care about is that this is the bozo who tried to make dildos illegal by claiming there was no constitutional right to massage one’s genitals.

God, I wish he’d been caught watching GAY porn.

But then, so does most of Twitter.

Thing 5: ZoomBoy asked a girl to the homecoming dance. Once again my little nerd ball got shot down in flames, but damn.

Our little (getting bigger!) Lothario is going to get a “yes” one of these days, and then things are going to get REALLY difficult.

And it took me way to long to write that, because I kept forgetting what I was doing…

So, thing 6: SQUIRREL!

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  1. K. Tuttle says:

    And Thing 7: That time… oooh, so shiny!

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